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Brendan James

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Brendan James

Kevin Mileski, Brian Jarvis

Sat, October 18, 2014

7:30 pm

The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Denver, CO

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

Brendan James
Brendan James
The rising star continues to rise.

For those who have followed Brendan James from his 2008 major label debut to his current ranking among today's top troubadours, the journey has been a pretty remarkable one.

Born in New Hampshire, schooled in Chapel Hill, signed by Capitol Records by the age of 25, and road-tested with a thousand shows to date, James has certainly lived the life of a troubadour. His songs have landed spots on over 15 major television shows and feature films and he's achieved the #1 Singer Songwriter spot on iTunes, multiple times. He has formed relationships with music legends Carly Simon and Cat Stevens, enjoyed on-stage experiences with the likes of John Legend, John Mayer, and Paula Cole, and recently been asked to give a TedTalk on gun violence, love songs, and simpler societies.

Now, after two years of touring in support of his 2012 release, Simplify, James embarks on an altogether new sound. His new EP, The Howl, set for release in the summer of 2015, is bigger, badder, and dancier than anything he's attempted to date. In his words, The Howl is "...a reflection of my years on the road, my dreams broken and reformed, and my growing addiction to the upbeat and the feel good." He chose the name after reading a review of his last album, in which he was described as an artist holding back a howl. So howling he will do: bigger songs, bigger shows, and bigger goals.

Keep an eye out for a full summer touring schedule, and for multiple musical releases in the next 16 months.

Don't miss a beat, folks. You'll thank me later.
Kevin Mileski
Kevin Mileski
His music has been called the new style of any generation. "There are a lot of singer-songwriters out there; but you pay attention when he performs. There's just something about the way he plays that makes you want to know what's next." Kevin Mileski has been hailed as the fresh new act bringing back the artistry of story telling by using just the right amount of new sound with the familiarity of the old. He evokes a feeling of home with finger style guitar and vocals that makes any listener a fan. He has touched the fans of all types of music from hardcore folkers to rappers and continues to do so with every performance on every stage.

Kevin is a nationally touring musician now based out of Colorado and uses every opportunity possible to play in other cities around the country from New England to L.A. He has opened for such major acts as Sam Bush, Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, Little Feat, and Gaelic Storm.

Kevin has been featured on many independent recordings, has teamed up with numerous professional performers, and has made his niche as a background vocalist all over the country for such artists as Dayna Lane, Andrew Ripp, Heather Waters, and Randy Coleman. He was voted in as a top 50 semi-finalist in the Independent Music World Series 2004 by TAXI for his album "Which Way Did He Turn?" which has sold over 1000 copies in the last two years. The 2006 release of "Through The Window" has resulted in Kevin's induction into the Independent Artists Registry. His music has been featured on,, Audio Lunchbox, XM Radio, and recently on Whole Wheat Radio. It has been heard on public and commercial radio stations across the country.
Brian Jarvis
Brian Jarvis
New England –based singer/songwriter Brian Jarvis releases
his first full length album in over 4 years. Due out in
February 2012 under the indie label Soundwave, “Beautifully
Broken” tackles a 2 year period of Brian’s life that included
losing his father to cancer, quitting his day job to pursue
music full time and personal struggles. “Beautifully Broken”
was recorded in New Haven, CT at Sunset Goose Studios (a
division of Soundwave), under the guidance of long time Pat
Mcgee Band guitarist-turned-producer Brian Fechino. The
record features a wide variety of melodic, hooky guitar driven
songs including one that was written within 24 hours of
Brian’s fathers sudden passing.
“The last two years have tested me emotionally and
spiritually. My goal when sitting down with Brian Fechino was
to create and record honest songs. This album is
transparent. I didn’t want the listener to feel as if I was
being vague about what I was trying to sing about.
I wrote “Beautifully Broken” at the height of my loss. It was
strange to write songs about so much of life’s struggles but
yet set it to melodies that felt so bright. As I dove into this
process I realized even with challenges of everyday lives
there is an underlying optimism that hangs over all of it. I
feel the themes will connect with the listeners and provide a
story for the listener to escape to.”
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The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location
3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO, 80205

The Walnut Room is Denver’s premiere American-Pizzeria, serving up great food, affordable drinks, and today’s best live music. Be sure to visit us at both Walnut Room locations.

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