Paranoid Image

Paranoid Image

Slightly Overdressed, Signs and Signals

Friday · January 4, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Paranoid Image
Paranoid Image
Paranoid Image was created by pianist, bassist, and songwriter / composer Christopher Malone and vocalist / lyricist Sara Geller in late 2016. Christopher and Sara met in 2015 as members of the industrial band Scifidelic. As a couple, they became very interested in Latin dance and Latin dance music. They decided to create an all-acoustic band that featured the driving rhythms of the industrial/alternative music they played and infuse it with the Latin sounds they loved - with creative, beautiful melodies and deep lyrics.

They have grown their band to 7 members. In January 2018, they released their first single, "Keep Your Heart", an acoustic version and interpretation of the same song by TV on the Radio, a band in which Christopher's brother is a member.

In June of 2018, they released their first 10-song album called "Burning Paint". Everyone always asks what Paranoid Image's genre is. Once you hear this album, you will quickly see why that is a tough one to answer. So far, the best we can come up with is "Acoustic Alternative".
Slightly Overdressed
Slightly Overdressed
We are a recently-formed songwriter duo from Denver. We sing, we dance, we play dress up...minus the dancing.
Signs and Signals
Signs and Signals
"I feel like our message is really getting to the root of who you are and what it means to be an authentic honest human being. Everything Justin says is so raw and straight from the heart. That's the overall vibe I get from our art is that it is an expression of our authenticity as individuals. We're not trying to be somebody or something we're not and we write music that reflects what we feel."

Signs and Signals is a unique and catchy alternative rock band originally formed in Denver, Colorado in May of 2014. The band is on a collective mission to express the depths of being human; they are not afraid to face any amount of darkness or light in order to understand the infinite through their art. Frontman Justin Melton's voice, lyricism, and rawness hits you straight in the heart with passion and empathy. Their sound continues to rope you in with its strong melodies, layering of the guitar and keys, and an intricate rhythm section that makes you want to move. All this leads to an exciting and original brand of music unlike anything previously heard.

The music that Signs and Signals creates is an exploration into what it is to be an authentic individual; it is a representation of originality that rides the line between familiar and experimental. The boys of Signs and Signals explore music without hypocrisy or pretense, and their songwriting is a reflection of this honest approach toward creativity. They seek to express from the heart the highs and lows that everyone experiences throughout the roller coaster that is life, and the relatability of these emotions.

Brian and Jimmy continued to pursue their message through music as Signs and Signals after departing from former members Jason Kelly, John Ensey, and Ryan Fraser. SIgns and Signals has a new line up featuring Justin Melton on vocals, Brian Carpenter on lead guitar, Aaron German on keys & rhythm guitar, Spencer Church on bass, and Jimmy Fountain on drums. Each band member has varying musical backgrounds, ranging from classical training to the “by ear” technique, and their unique talents mesh to create a fantastic sound that sets them apart from other acts.

In 2015 Signs and Signals released their debut EP 'Human Again" and later the release of their single "Fight or Flight" with former frontman Jason Kelley. The band is frequently featured on 93.3 Locals Only; they have played Denver's Underground Music Showcase as well as major theater and bar venues throughout the Mile-High City."

Signs and Signals loves their fans and looks forward to sharing their creative vision with them.
Venue Information:
The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location
3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO, 80205