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Lee Clark Allen

Lee Clark Allen

Nikki & Eman, Zanib

Fri, March 9, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Denver, CO

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Lee Clark Allen
Lee Clark Allen
Born in Little Rock, AR to James Lee Clark and Angela Clarise Allen Clark, I was born and raised on that Motown type of love. Though my parents were music enthusiasts, they were not musicians; Therefore, my siblings and I do not have the luxury of starting out as musicians out of the womb. Yet, due to my mother’s sisters sparking religion into my mother, we began to learn of music theory and the playing of instruments in church. I love my siblings; we are all cut from the same fabric, yet we are so different musically. I recall being in the choir eyeing the organist, while my little brother would either be on the drums or as one of the leading solo vocalist. My older brother and baby sister would lead songs as well. Overall, in merging my parents’ love for the blues, Soul, and Funk with the gospel tunes that are imprinted into my conscious, that experience became my foundation as a singer-songwriter pianist.
Jazz, classical music, pop, and hip-hop would be absorbed during my undergraduate days at Westminster College, where I would English Creative Writing and Music as a double major undergraduate.
Like most families, we all face hard times. At the age of four, I had to choose which parent I wanted to leave with. Eight years later, my mother would become my permanent guardian, in which, this had officially given her the title as single mother raising four kids. Yet, through the turbulence of growing up, God’s grace was forever present! In my father’s absence, I had built up a lot of disrespect and anger, but one day in undergraduate, I was able to see my father’s beginning flash before me! My father was without his father at an early early age, and he was raised by my powerful grandmother. Could my father have done better? Maybe so! Could he have been around more? Maybe so! But did he have the best examples on how to be a father? No. Therefore, in putting myself in my father’s shoes, that disrespect and anger had to leave; and in time, it did.
So as an artist today, Lee Clark Allen commemorates to two wonderful living parents I have that have supported me and bashed me to get to this point of my artistic life. This ensures that I will carry them wherever I go, despite how annoying they can be sometimes.
Lee Clark Allen invites you to join along on his journey of impacting people’s lives through his music, His God given talents and strength, and his authentic self!
Much Love
Lee Clark Allen
Our relationship will be lasting!
Nikki & Eman
Nikki & Eman
Nikki Giron and Eman Alexander are Coloradan collegiates with an emphasis in music, they began their musical journey together as part of Gateway High School's jazz band. They both have an unbreakable passion for music that they are now sharing with the world. Eman plays drums, piano, bass- if you name it he plays it however, his skill set is primarily guitar. Nikki began singing, playing piano and the saxophone from a young age and into college. They both have a passion for jazz music and are avidly studying it. Nikki and Eman made the decision to collaborate and the duo group Nikki and Eman was born. Eman attends Metropolitan State University for guitar performance while Nikki attends University of Colorado Denver for music business. The first song they wrote together, 'Heart Behind Bars', will be released at a later date.
Zanib aka Tanya Salih is unique to her nubian heritage through her style, sounds and creations. Zanib is an arabic name that represents growing dreamer. Through her mystical mindset, she creates sounds that spread messages of positivity, hope and love. Her music represents her journey through this life. She is a singer songwriter who uses vocal techniques to express the emotions driven from the soul. Her vocals are influenced by old school soul artists. She brings a new sound that is identified as upbeat supported by the ukulele, a classic sound when she brings her violin on stage and optimistic vibes through her lyrics. Zanib's diverse background and passion for the world and travel are portrayed through her sounds. These elements combined makes the styles, sounds and techniques of Zanib one of a kind.
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