SYCDVK, The Eldridge Band, The Threads, The Apostled Knash


The Eldridge Band

The Threads

The Apostled Knash

Saturday · January 6, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

SYCDVK is a Denver-based conceptual music project with roots in rock, jazz, and alternative genres. Brothers, Nick and Tony Milano, first birthed the band’s sound at Syntax Physic Opera, shortly after arriving in Denver. From there, a conceptual groove experiment was born. Groove oriented rhythms, complexly intelligent guitar work, and crooning vocals contribute to the bands unique sound that has been likened to the sounds of Frank Zappa and Radiohead.

Members include college friend and bassist, Peter Warekois; drummer, Chris Geary; and saxophonist, Miles Mckee. Denver Native and “open mic” guru, Nic Jay rounds out the sound on vocals. SYCDVK creates a live experience that will be stuck in your head for days showcased in notable performances that include opening for acts such as Andy Frasco, The Nth Power, and Leon Bridges.

Their debut album, ‘Aubrey,’ was recorded at Dead Canary Studios and released in April 2017. The momentum does not end here. SYCDVK is currently back in the studio working on two conceptual EPs and has just released their new single ‘Pie’.
The Eldridge Band
The Eldridge Band
The Threads
The Threads
"Loud, unbridled, punch-drunk rock and roll." - Smile Politely

“It’s like if you were having a great party on a bus and then the bus crashed and you hung around to look at all the messed up stuff afterwards.” - Music Garage Chicago

"...reminiscent of a blending of The Clash and Alabama Shakes." - Nicole Roberts, Locals Only.

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The threads
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"...they spouted out their abhorrence for meme culture and toe thumbs." - Buzz Weekly
The Apostled Knash
The Apostled Knash
Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Emilio San Miguel has had an infinity for music since the age 2, when he was singing Jim Morrison Songs.
Ever since his early years, he has had tunes and sounds playing inside of his head, a full symphony & and orchestra in his mind; creating songs and imaging composition of music before learning an Instrument.
His mid teen years; he taught himself to play the guitar, then inspired music composition amongst his friends, teaching one the bass guitar and convincing the other to purchase a drum set.
Soon enough, Emilio and 2 his friends will have created a band with a set of original songs, summer going into sophomore year of high school, then will soon begin to play shows all around the Denver area, including Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, The Oriental Theater, Quixotes True Blue and even a legendary California venue The Whisky A Go-Go.
Due to Milo's depression, self hatred, reckless lifestyle, fallout with romance, Milo developed a love, hate relationship with his music, continuously quitting and starting up again, eventually ending his music and his relationships with his friends and band members for good.
With a 2 and a half year gap of absolute isolation from his music, Milo is finally getting back into the scene, with set studio, and gig dates. Planning on finishing an album before 2016.
Now calling himself "The Apostled Knash" Milo claims his music is channeled from the Dark Reality side of Psychedelia, and is the "Yin" in the Yin-Yang, in which creates a ceremonial spectacle of a performance.
Milo claims that he will attempt to Pursue his music goals for as long as his has left, and just wants to record atleast 2 professionally recorded albums for his younger family and people to look back on in the future.
Venue Information:
The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location
3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO, 80205