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Mile High Feedback Presents: Daphne Willis

Mile High Feedback Presents: Daphne Willis

Dave Tamkin & Brad Huffman of dBsound.Co, Larry Nix

Sat, August 19, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Denver, CO

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Mile High Feedback Presents: Daphne Willis
Mile High Feedback Presents: Daphne Willis
Collaborating across multiple genres ranging from Roots-Rock and
Pop to Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music, classifying Daphne
Willis in musical terms is no easy task. With infectious melodies
delivered with lyrical precision and honesty, the songs and
performances of Daphne Willis are sincere, compelling and relevant.

Raised in Chicago and relocated now to Nashville, Willis cites influences as varied as Elvis Costello and Michael Jackson, but her
musical output cleverly incorporates such inspirations into a style that is refreshing and contemporary in a way that suits her songs best.
Dave Tamkin & Brad Huffman of dBsound.Co
Dave Tamkin & Brad Huffman of dBsound.Co
Decibel Sound Company is a city collective of musicians with one purpose, to bring you the logarithmic unit used to express the music in everything they do.

With a ratio of frequencies and pitches that define music intervals, dB Sound Co. bring a unique style of rhythmic, melodic melodies, core tones, upbeat tunes, passion filled songs and honest performances to every city they play.

dB Sound Co. is comprised of Denver's Brad Huffman on guitar, voice and keys, Dave Tamkin on acoustic and voice, Neil Ross Hebbert on bass and voice, and Matt Dougherty on drums and voice. They are known to grow their sound with additional members from every city they play.

Keep an ear out for their new EP out this summer and an eye out for a festival near you.
Larry Nix
Larry Nix
Larry Patrick Nix, born in Tupelo, raised in Alabama, is the son of the Earth and Moon, torn between a life of fighting ultra-crime, and the life of a Music Man. He chose the ladder. No that's right, the ladder, and he climbed and climbed and climbed. ...until the ladder collapsed, and dammit if he didn't design his own ladder. Made of wood. Strong maple, that doesn't bow in the humidity. Shit, sorry. The songs, right. They're good too.. Classic shit.
Venue Information:
The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location
3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO, 80205

The Walnut Room is Denver’s premiere American-Pizzeria, serving up great food, affordable drinks, and today’s best live music. Be sure to visit us at both Walnut Room locations.

Walnut St.

3131 Walnut Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
(303) 295-1868 ph