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HomeVibe's 10th Anniversary Concert w/ Danny Shafer, Reed Foehl, Dave Tamkin, John Common, Josh Queen, Coles Whalen, Dan Craig, Dickie (Featuring Christina Priceman and Dick Prall), Paul Kimbiris, Jessica Sonner, Craig Maierhofer and more!

Friday · June 10, 2016

6:00 pm

$20.00 - $25.00

This event is 21 and over

Danny Shafer
Danny Shafer
The Marquee Magazine writes "Rarely has one singer songwriter caused such a stir". Danny Shafer with over 200 shows a year brings his acclaimed songwriting and fingerstyle guitar to every setting. "Shafer has kept the front range jumping and hollering for some time" - The Boulder Weekly. Both in a solo show or full Americana band The 21st Century Shafer has brought his music and audience to esteemed venues such as The Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, The Boulder Theater, The Fox Theatre,Swallow Hill and many more festivals, colleges, clubs all over the country. In the spring of 2013 Tolstar - Goathouse Records releases Danny Shafers new recording titled Wherever You Are. Varied yet Consistent The Colorado Daily writes, "Danny Shafer does it all"!
Reed Foehl
Reed Foehl
Grace plants seeds of talent in every generation. But what becomes of it can’t be known until the lucky ones make their choices about how to use it. Down the road, those choices become their story, for better or for worse. Reed Föehl began discovering the seeds of his own talent as a young teenager, playing on the streets of Boston, beneath the grasshopper weather vane at Faneuil Hall.

He was encouraged by his parents and their own love of music. “I grew up listening to my family playing country music and traditional songs every Thursday night. My dad introduced me to many of the artists that still move me today. Folks like John Prine and Steve Goodman,” Reed recalls.

The first choice that would help define Reed as a young man and artist presented itself on one of those Thursdays. “Billy Conway, who played drums in my parents’ band, and the rock band Morphine, took me aside one night and asked me when I was going to start writing my own songs. I thought that was a pretty good question.” So Reed got to work, and in his late teens, he emerged as not only a talented performer, but a great songwriter, too.
After a move to Colorado, Reed’s clear tenor, emotional songwriting, and undeniable charisma as a front man launched Acoustic Junction in 1989, which developed a cult following in the jam- band era of the 90s. The band released six albums, a collaboration with Graham Nash, and was signed to Capricorn Records and later Mercury Records.

Making music with friends and seeing family all over the country fueled a tireless road schedule and devotion to high-energy performance and songwriting. But 10 years into Acoustic Junction, Reed found himself at a famous crossroad when his son, Jaden, was born: Would he continue the life of a road warrior, or be a father to his son?

“After two years of leaving Jade at home, I knew I just needed to plant myself there. To help raise my son. To build a real relationship with him. But it wasn’t easy,” Reed recalls.
He battled with the idea that if he stayed on the road, his notoriety and financial success in the industry could grow more quickly. But he’d miss out on seeing his boy grow up. “All the money in the world couldn’t buy that time,” Reed said. “Kids don’t care about money. They just want their father there. Luckily, I realized that.”
Not long afterward after getting off the road, the second event that would shape Reed’s next decade came; his father succumbed to a battle with cancer. It was a huge loss for Reed.

But the responsibilities of being a dad and the burden of grief from his father’s death did not stop Reed’s growth as an artist. He treated his emotion as something intensely sacred, and poured it into his songwriting. His church and confessional were anywhere there was a microphone and an audience within an hour or two of home.

Reed found a new kind of success in short trips once or twice a year to Los Angeles, New York and Nashville that earned him placements on the silver screen, television, and commercials. He
put what money he could from the royalties to make three solo records: Spark (2004), Stoned Beautiful (2007), and Once an Ocean (2009).

Meanwhile, the music industry was seeing some of its deepest shifts since the dawn of Tin Pan Alley. Large labels were falling by the wayside in favor of independent artists with grit, stamina, and charisma as pioneers of a new musical landscape – traits, you might guess by now, Reed carries in spades. He continued to produce his own brand of powerfully emotional, masterfully crafted music, with each new song informed by his fresh experiences with love, death, family, and solitude.

And though his absence from the road may have kept him off the radar of many listeners, the industry continues to affirm Reed’s instincts. Country legend Lee Ann Womack’s September 2014 release leads with his song “Fly.” And the industry insiders who licensed, placed, and collaborated with Reed while he stayed home are already calling him about the what they’re hearing from his next record: Lost in the West.

Lost in the West is a soundtrack for the invisible cinema of the mind. It features seven songs combining Reed’s powerful lyrics and vocal performance set against wide-open landscapes painted with Stratocaster and Wurlitzer, creating a sound that is intensely emotive while still tender. These are songs to fill the long stretches of highway we seek on a sweltering Sunday with a foot easy on the gas and thoughts heavy on the mind, hoping to get lost in the West.
A deeply talented and accomplished cast joins Reed as producers, performers, and co-writers on this record. Co-producers John Raham (engineer and drummer for The Be Good Tanyas) and Jefferson Hamer (The Child Ballads, 2014 BBC Radio 2 award-winner) return after their first collaboration on Once an Ocean. John also delivers a masterful performance on percussion, and Jefferson’s varied guitar work shines throughout the record. Anaïs Mitchel (Young Man In America, The Child Ballads, 2014 BBC Radio 2 award-winner) sings on “Rags and Bones” and “Four Lanes.” Frazey Ford of The Be Good Tanyas appears on “Caroline” and “Steal Away.” Reed co-wrote “Caroline” with Esmé Patterson, founding member of Paper Bird, and he teamed with Gregory Alan Isakov to write “Rodeo Clown.”

The choices Reed has made earned him the respect of his industry peers on one hand, and his loved-ones on the other. Today, his son is on the verge of striking out on his own as a young man, and the sadness of losing Reed’s own father has become a celebration of his life. The release of Lost in the West, and a new hunger to return to the road, heralds the beginning of a new chapter for Reed.
Dave Tamkin
Dave Tamkin
Singer/Songwriter, Dave Tamkin, currently resides in Boulder, CO. Dave Tamkin, has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic rock that's based around a fresh musical vision. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band experience encapsulating a mixture of personal lyrics and skilled songwriting set against a high-energy percussive backbone. While touring relentlessly all over the nation, he has shared the stage with Guster, Glen Phillips, The Samples, Rusted Root, Michael Galbicki, Butch Walker, Matt Wertz, Eric Hutchinson, Stroke 9, The Violent Femmes, Fountains of Wayne, Vertical Horizon, Will Hoge, Stephen Kellog and The Sixers, Willy Porter, Freddy Jones Band, Brian Vanderark, Rhett Miller of the Old 97s, and Carbon Leaf to name a few. Tamkin has a style that's hard to resist. His lyrics are unabashedly honest and his passion for playing is undying. He is currently touring nationally solo and plays the mid west with his band. Dave Tamkin and Co. create a distinct sound. Their equal parts create a sonic percussive assault mixed with a vivid, melodic instrumental bed, shaken with a twist of passionate vocal lines. And they'll make you shake your ass.
Josh Queen
Josh Queen
When a chance encounter with a homeless man in a Denver parking lot left singer-songwriter Josh Queen thinking about how quickly people judge one another, a song was in the making.

There comes a time in every songwriter's life where the stories songs tell move from personal experiences to the things happening in the world around them. For this 28-year old songwriter, leaving the comforts of home in the Southeast was a catalyst for that change. The result is an introspective catalog of songs that examines the every day interactions people share and a reinvigorated passion for connecting with his audience.

Josh's love for music began at the ripe age of 12 in Aiken, SC, when he picked up his first guitar and taught himself how to play. After graduating from Clemson University, where he formed the band Upstart Jackson, Josh headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. While there, he established himself as one of the Queen City's most promising musicians, touring the Southeast with his band and recording two EPs, This Is Me Movin' On and A Life Less Deceiving. "Maybe," a single from the latter record, won Josh an Honorable Mention in the 2004 Billboard World Song Contest and was included on Alternative Addiction's Vol. 6 compilation disc.

In 2006, Josh relocated to Denver to chase his dream of being a songwriter. There, he has found his creative home, a new perspective on the world, and himself.

"Sometimes we need to be reminded that life is all about what we give back to each other," Josh says. "It's our struggles with those connections in life that make us who we are and shape the world around us."

Those connections are rife in nearly every one of Josh's songs, from the heartbreak of a loved one's illness in "Warm," the excitement of transformation in "Big Escape," or the turmoil of a friend's divorce in "Sideways." And then, there's the palpable guilt of "Strange Alibis," the chronicle of Josh's missed connection with that homeless man. Throughout, his songs capture the emotion and delicacy that play themselves out in life while the world continues to spin.

And while it spins, Josh writes.
Coles Whalen
Coles Whalen
The next big thing, mark my words –Kelly Ford, KYGO 98.5 FM - Denver’s New Country

Ten years ago, after finishing a degree in music and business, Coles Whalen decided to sell everything she had in order to buy a camper. This camper became her home as she toured the nation selling her first record Coles Whalen EP (2005) soon followed by Gee Baby (2006) - her first full length album. Whalen found a way into Borders bookstores and spent almost four years playing multiple shows a day in Borders across the US, building a following and selling over 11,000 CDs right out of her truck.

In 2007 Whalen signed with an independent label and released Nothing Is Too Much (2007). After a year, she found herself in a corner. The label owned the masters, couldn't afford to print more copies, and had her legally bound for two additional records. Having no other option Whalen regrouped, bought herself out of contract, and began again.

Whalen moved from her hometown of Denver, CO to Nashville, TN to work on her songwriting. She continued to tour out of music city, playing around 100 shows a year and wrote and released her 4th CD, The Whistle Stop Road Record (2009), which includes co writes with some of Nashville’s best, among them Rob Crosby and Keith Stegall.

Accomplishing all she set out to do in music city, Whalen headed back to Denver, where she currently lives. She continues to play hundreds of shows a year including opening for Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Rufus Wainwright, Paula Cole and Kellie Pickler. During breaks in the show schedule she managed to record and release her 5th record, I Wrote This for You (2012), which has been heard on La Galere (Paper Airplane) and seen on CMC (Call on Me, music video).

With plans to release another record in summer 2013, Whalen is slowing down the show schedule a little and writing like crazy! She can’t stay still for TOO long though, so keep an eye on coleswhalen.com for tour dates!
Dan Craig
Dan Craig
Colorado Native Dan Craig is steadily becoming a staple for Denver's local music lovers. His sound, landing somewhere between Josh Ritter and Damien Rice, seems to capture emotion with brilliance and has the ability to whisk you away with every song.

Like good wine, each release from Craig shows striking maturity with carefully crafted words. Dan's live shows range from the classic solo guitar set up to a varying ensemble featuring cello and mandolin, making his unique sound even more captivating. Simply put, Dan Craig's music feels like home.

After a stint away from Colorado to attend the University of Pennsylvania, Dan returned to his hometown to settle in and share his music. Dan Craig's music has recently been featured on the hit show "One Tree Hill" and has shared the stage with many artists including Gregory Alan Isakov, Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), Ari Hest and Katie Herzig in the past year.

From New York to LA, this touring independent artist gained a steady and loyal following all over the country and abroad. With singles like 'Alchemy', 'Solid Ground' and 'Enough', Dan Craig's new record due out August 2010 is a shoe in for playlists this fall. Among other things, Dan is on the verge of releasing his fourth full-length record, Alchemy, with a fifth and solo record due out Christmas 2010.

Tiffiny Kallina – whatstheruckus.com
DICKIE is the latest outlet for Midwest songwriter/guitarist Dick Prall. Designed to allow Prall to work within a band setting, while still keeping a foot within his solo-driven career, DICKIE is the collaboration of Prall, multi-instrumentalist/co-producer/engineer Tim King, and violinist Kristina Priceman. The result is a collection of dark, gorgeous narratives for Prall’s fifth full-length release. Threaded with beautiful string arrangements by Prall and King, the record comes in bellowing like a newborn, but settles into a pace of dynamic ebb and flow, ending with a Roy Orbison-styled recount of hopeful love that never bleeds into the saccharine.

Since forming DICKIE, the band has shared the stage with the talents of Young the Giant, Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), and a national tour with Blind Pilot, while the 2015 self-titled record was listed by Music Existence as the “Best Indie Rock Release” as well as a Top 20 pick by Play B-Sides that same year.

To underscore the live performance, as well as partnering on a March 2019 release, vocalist/keyboardist Amy Friedl Stoner and drummer/percussionist Billy Barton have recently joined DICKIE. Friedl Stoner has an impressive solo career in her own right as a jazz/cabaret singer, with multiple featured performances at Carnegie Hall, The Lincoln Center, and NYC’s famed Birdland Jazz Club.
Paul Kimbiris
Paul Kimbiris
Paul Kimbiris is a recovering Philadelphian who now resides in Boulder, CO. Since the year 2000 he has been writing and performing all over the world opening, from Copenhagen, Denmark to Austin, TX opening for acts such as the Dead Milkmen, Hammell on Trial, and most recently Gregory Alan Isakov. His first full length release is due out late winter 2014 and is being produced by Philip Parker (Glowing House, Paper Stars). His songs have appeared on several major network TV shows such as Nick Freeno Licensed Teacher and the emmy award winning cop drama "The Shield".
Jessica Sonner
Jessica Sonner

A pianist from a young age with a sultry smooth vocals, Jessica Sonner is captivating live. Still, sweet, friendly, and bright, she will steal your heart and leave you wondering where she has been all of your life. Her subject matter (extremely vulnerable and down-to-earth) allows a sense of accessibility from her fans. She has a fantastically unique voice that wraps around the most delicate of melodies.

Jessica Sonner's music has been placed in film and television multiple times including being featured on the HBO television show "Big Love". She has shared the stage with artists such as Colbie Callait, Sarah Bareilles, and Third Eye Blind since beginning her career. Guitar in hand, she has toured all over the country and has appeared at many stages throughout the Denver Area including the remarkable Red Rocks Ampitheater and the Fillmore Auditorium just to name a few.

Jessica has always been involved in music and music business. With a degree in music business from Anderson University (Indiana), she and husband Dan Craig founded Denver based Wirebird Music which has included the likes of Oh, Starling, Churchill, Covenhoven, their catalogs and more.

Jessica Sonner carries powerful and endearing messages of hope and love; of a brighter future with more beautiful tunes to come.

Writing credit : Tiffiny Kalina - whatstheruckus.com

Craig Maierhofer
Craig Maierhofer
John Common
John Common
"Bohemian, intriguing and introspective, this is an acoustic rock masterpiece. Gorgeously harmonized and deftly orchestrated, the album is a perfect 10. From the sneaky French-bistro sounds of "Go To Hell (With Me)" to the heartfelt, mature poetry of "Walter Whitman," each track has a unique flavor. The instrumentation is soundtrack quality. Be ready to spend an entire weekend with Beautiful Empty before your ears will accept anything else."

This critically acclaimed Colorado native brings significantly more lyrical punch and all-around heft than is normally found in the pop singer/songwriter genre, and -- on his just-released third CD, 'Beautiful Empty' -- he further spreads teh court by giving co-billing status to his finely-tuned chamber pop cohorts (including an accordionist, cellist and female singer; very pretty stuff.

"Beautiful Empty is Rich with songcraft, smarts, and emotion."
Blake Brown
Blake Brown
Blake Brown is an American singer-songwriter.
Raised in the dust and desert of West Texas and currently residing in the Rocky Mountains, Brown is a simple man with stunning talents. His boots have stomped alongside some of the nation’s finest musicians, his voice has been accompanied by some of the most beautiful sirens and his hands have strummed some of the most darkly charming melodies. Brown finds his faith and his inspiration in our American past-- in a time when life was stripped down to the raw beauty it was meant to be. His music is rooted in acoustic sounds and characterized by his simple, yet complex melodies and heartfelt lyrics, giving his audience a stark satisfaction in every note. Marked by a strangely captivating subtleness, Brown’s music and haunting stage presence leaves bystanders with something to think about and wanting more.
Ramaya Soskin
Ramaya Soskin
Born outside New Hope, Pennsylvania, and calling Boulder, Colorado his home since 2000, Ramaya Soskin is a songwriter.

Beginning first at Naropa University he formed a rock and reggae trio named Specter X with Ian Hansson and Devin Liles that spent over 3 years heating up dance floors and generally just being awesome. While maturing as a songwriter he practiced his craft and soon started the indie alt-rock band SLOWROSA with local songstress Cate Coslor, Tres Altman, Chris Mustaine and Jeb Bows. While being managed by Brian Schwartz (Dinosaur Jr., Paper Bird, Rose Hill Drive), and supported by both Coupe Studio and What Are Records?, the band performed with acts such as Devotchka, The Fray, and The Czars at Boulder's "Fox" and "Boulder Theater". Ramaya's next project was entitled A. Ballad Nightly and included players Jess DeNicola, Jeb Bows, Jack Leahy, and Leor Manelis. It was during this incarnation that Ramaya released an album of his original material entitled "All In Good Time" in November of 2007. Both haunting and revealing, the album is a collection of delicate lullabyes, saucy rockers, and sultry ballads. Upon it's release CdBaby.com gave it the "Editor's Pick of the Month" saying:

"Simultaneously blending echoes of Iron and Wine, Ryan Adams, Wilco and Jeff Buckley, Ramaya Soskin's new album somehow engages both the daring spirit and tender vulnerability. Wrapping up gentle folk in lush pop harmonies, cradling thoughtful songwriting with sometimes-hushed, sometimes-assertive vocals that are strung through these songs like a golden thread, the songs on All in Good Time capture a unique pocket of inspired and sincere writing with volumes of courage and determination. Somewhere between the rush of falling in love and the beautiful bitterness of having your heart broken, you’ll find emotions so delicious that you can’t quite let them go. Such is the magic of Ramaya Soskin's All In Good Time."

The album, "All In Good Time", among many others, is available to stream or download under the "MUSIC" heading, and at ramayasoskin.bandcamp.com. A 2015 Re-issue of the CD is available at the iTunes music store among many other digital distributers, and hardcopies of the CD are available at cdbaby.com/cd/ramayasoskin.

In 2009 Ramaya joined up with fellow Boulder songwriter (and longtime hombre) Gregory Alan Isakov. They toured as a duo (where Ramaya both accompanied Greg and performed solo) for over 3 years. Tour schedules took them all over the US, Canada (Winnipeg Folk Festival), Cayamo Cruise shows, and twice to Europe; Italy, England and Scotland (w/ Chris Pureka), Germany (w/ Nathaniel Rateliff), and Holland (w/ Devotchka). As a full 6 piece band here in Boulder they sold out the Fox Theater, Chataqua Auditorium, and Redrocks (with Brandi Carlile).

In 2010 Ramaya accompanied by vocalist Dana Raabe, toured with friend and hero songsmith Chris Pureka in support of her album "How I Learned To See In The Dark".

As founder of Boulder's "Troubadours", a monthly platform to showcase local songwriters, Ramaya has been offering the community a musical hub around which thier local favorites are teamed up with stellar undiscovered talent. "It's the best of the local flavor in a myriad of expression, all in one place" (Boulder Weekly). These "Troubadours" showcases have been presented monthly for 10 years+ at such venues as The Fox Theater, Trilogy, B.side Lounge, Shine, and The Laughing Goat.

All in all, Ramaya and the bands he has been a part of have shared the stage with: Brandi Carlisle, Fiona Apple, The Fray, Devotchka, The Lumineers, Glen Hansard and The Swell Season, Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff, Paper Bird, Chris Pureka, Elephant Revival, Dechen Hawk, Colin Robison, Reed Foehl, Paul Kimbiris, Ian Cooke, and many other wonderful artists...

Currently Ramaya can be seen playing music in the Boulder/Denver area regularly at venues such as the Laughing Goat and Shine where he won 1st prize at the "Aspen Songwriter's Competition".

Recently accompanying Ramaya is a diverse cast of soul mates and allstars, including:

Jeb Bows: violin
Alexandra Schwan: vocals
Cate Coslor: vocals
Colin Robison: guitar and vocals
Dechen Hawk: keys and vocals
Mirco Altenbach: sax
Venue Information:
The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location
3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO, 80205