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Thursday · April 7, 2016

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $18.00

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The Australian industrial trio Snog formed in Australia in 1988 when DJ and art student David Thrussell met up with Julia and Tim, though the three were into vastly different forms of music (respectively, electronic body music, ambient and synth-pop). Snog began recording in 1990; after failing to find any interested labels, though, the group traveled to Germany and were soon signed to Machinery Records. By 1992, Snog had recorded a left-field dancefloor hit, "Corporate Slave," and released their debut album Lies, Inc.

Snog's first album Lies Inc. was released in 1992 and Pieter Bourke, who has since worked with Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard, joined the band soon afterwards. The second album Dear Valued Customer, which drew heavily on techno influences, was then released in 1994. Also in 1994, two side projects emerged: "Soma" was formed by Thrussell and Pieter Bourke, while Thrussell founded the solo project Black Lung. The first Black Lung release "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" included out-takes from Snog's lengthy Australian CD singles that were shortened before they could be released in the German market.

By 1997, the band was primarily a solo project for Thrussell, who collaborated with guest musicians on recordings. The next album release was Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life and country western-style guitar was featured, as well as a cover version of Lee Hazlewood's "Let the Little Flowers Grow". Third Mall from the Sun followed in 1999 and the album blended the styles of the previous two albums, in addition to new influences. Thrussell described the progression of Snog's musical styles in a 1998 interview with Sonic Boom Magazine: "In the past Snog has written a lot of dance floor material and while it has been successful, I kind of felt that I needed to write something different. I intentionally try and do something new with every Snog release. I do not want to get caught up in the musical trap of remaking the same album over and over".

Third Mall from the Sun was followed by the remix album Relax into the Abyss. In 2003, the album Beyond the Valley of the Proles was released and its follow-up Snog vs. the Faecal Juggernaut of Mass Culture was released three years later.

Snog continued to release music into the 21st century and the EP Everything Is Under Control (consists of remixes and the additional song "The Lament of the Lost Sheep") was released on iTunes on 25 March 2013. The EP was followed by the 23 April 2013 album release Babes In Consumerland and both recordings are part of a contract with the Metropolis record label.

A music video for Everything Is Under Control was published on the Internet on 19 March 2013.
On 20 March 2013 Snog also released a 12" vinyl record with French record label M-Tronic entitled "The Plug-In Drug"; produced as blue-coloured vinyl and limited to 300 copies, the record features three songs from Babes In Consumerland, in addition to remixes and unreleased songs.

A music video for "Adolph's Library", from Babes in Consumerland, was published on the Internet in June 2013. The video was directed by Richard Wolstencroft, filmmaker and founder/director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) and was filmed on location at the State Library Of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.

The press release that accompanied the release of Babes in Consumerland stated that Snog has developed into an all-female band that consists of Samantha Sanders, Christine Arkley Smith and Dee—Dee is the new identity of Thrussell, who is living as a transgender woman as of the time of the press release. The list of guests on the album include Ash Wednesday, John Justin Stewart (Grace Jones), Felix Kubin, German producer Atom TM and the City of Prague Philharmonic choir.
The Labrynth
The Labrynth
THE LABRYNTH is an electronic music project from Mike Wimer and Sarah Stewart based out of Seattle Washington.

The music comes from years of listening to electronic music from the 80's, 90's and present, finding the inspiration, and putting together songs with a more updated take on those ideas.

Aside from THE LABRYNTH, Sarah also plays keyboards and guitar with the bands AYRIA (Canada) and THE BREAK UP (USA). Mike also plays keyboards with VNV NATION (Germany), and drums with INFORMATION SOCIETY (USA) and AYRIA (Canada).
has remixed/been remixed by: mochipet, duran duran duran, electric company, meat beat manifesto, cock esp, v/vm, hard off, terminal 11, about this product, khonnor, datachi, somatic responses, alien hand, cEvin Key, alpturer etc.

has performed live alongside: toecutter, uterozzzaaa, justice yeldham, cock esp, this song is a mess but so am i, terminal 11, scorpio scorpio, BSK, maruosa, hard off, alien hand, assdroids, etc.

has appeared on records alongside: severed heads, dDamage, casino versus japan, cardopusher, cock e.s.p., captain marmalade, jason forrest, exillon, not breathing, DJ rainbow ejaculation, captain ahab, maladroit, main$tream, jansky noise, leafcutter john, tim hecker, etc.

has performed in: chicago, dublin, osaka, colchester, UK, appleton, wisconsin, phoenix, AZ, fukuoka, japan, NYC, denver, miami, minneapolis, austin, new orleans, houston, nashville, baltimore, raleigh, omaha, boston etc.

has appeared on the following labels: component recordings, dry lungs records, hirntrust grind media, v/vm test records, daly city records, hyman records, sunwarped records, freenoise, cock rock disco, symbolic insight, terry plumming records, rackham records, devilmusic music, goulburn poultry fanciers society, breakcore.NL, digital vomit, bruits de fond, etc.

has been played on: WFMU New York, WLUW Chicago, BBC Radio 3 UK, Jagged Frequencies on 2RRR FM Australia, some other places i don't remember enough to google.
bios+a+ic is a producer, engineer, sound artist, and performer who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered digital and analog textures. He records, performs live, and d.j.'s a large variety of electronic music including world dance, trans-global, acid-jazz, ambient, dub-hop, noise, industrial, and experimental. Primary live source includes processed trumpet, vocals, samples, field recordings, and noise effects, with drum programs and real-time glitch loops.
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