303 Synth City – TetraKroma, BOB SYNC, Jay Eric – Tickets – The Walnut Room – Denver, CO – August 8th, 2019

303 Synth City - TetraKroma, BOB SYNC, Jay Eric



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303 Synth City - TetraKroma, BOB SYNC, Jay Eric at The Walnut Room

When performing live, the members of TetraKroma play three banks of synths. Their willingness to lug that sort of gear around and have it synch up coherently speaks to the group’s collective dedication and attention to detail. Listeners might draw comparisons to Kavinsky’s neon-hued Drive soundtrack, Giorgio Moroder’s synth-pop-gone-EBM, or an industrial-tinged Alphaville, but in fact, TetraKroma’s music sounds like it came from a contemporary band discovering new uses for older sounds. Whatever their inspiration, Adam Rojo, Remy Jambor and Tim Alexander have successfully tapped into the dystopian aesthetic of much of ’80s darkwave, using that as a backbone for their minimal-synth dance music. - Tom Murphy

I'm from the past of 1982. But my music is from the future!!! 80s Nostalgia / Dream Wave / New

Jay Eric is the founder of the southwest psy crew Overmind Works, an Outrun Denver & Hyperspace resident, & a Techgnosis Records label DJ. He has spent 20 years honing a tactful, improvised mixing style with an instinct for adventurous selections in the deep progressive, melodic psytech, and electro/synth music realms.

Venue Information:
The Walnut Room
3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO, 80205