Carl Sorensen Memorial Tattoo Day at The Walnut Room – Sunday, August 2


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Sunday August 2nd, tattoo artists from Denver, Seattle, and Richmond, Va. will be doing small tattoos to commemorate Carl’s life. These tattoos will be done at the Walnut Room located at 3131 Walnut Street from 12pm-8pm. Proceeds of the benefit will be going to the Sorensen family.

*Each tattoo will be $60
*No limit on number of tattoos per individual
*First come, first served
*There will be 18-20 black and gray designs to choose from
*18 and up
*No requesting artists
*Tattoos will be done on arms and legs only

The Walnut Room is Denver’s premiere American-Pizzeria, serving up great food, affordable drinks, and today’s best live music. Be sure to visit us at both Walnut Room locations.

Walnut St.

3131 Walnut Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
(303) 295-1868 ph