HUSKY (AU) (SubPop) @ The Walnut Room on Monday, November 5

(original story from Rolling Stone)

Earlier this summer, Sub Pop released Forever So, the debut album from the Australian quartet Husky. The group specializes in richly layered, orchestral, acoustic numbers and a perfect example is “Tidal Wave,” for which you can now check out the video. The vibrant, animated clip tracks the odyssey of a peculiarly-drawn protagonist as he frees caged animals and crosses arm-sprouting mountains.

“It captures something strange and otherworldly, both nostalgic and curious, about the song,” Husky frontman Husky Gawenda tells Rolling Stone of the video. “It follows a weird and wonderful character on its dream journey into its past, where memories, once frozen in time, are brought to life.”

Husky will appear at The Walnut Room, Denver, on Monday, November 5. Advance tickets are available HERE

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