Radio 1190 Presents: SPINDRIFT (Ghost Town Tour) + Spindrift Composes Soundtrack for “Dust Up”

Dust Up,a neo-western feature film which features a musical score by Spindrift, released on October 2nd. The film, directed by Ward Roberts has been described as “desert-sploitation” and a perfect back-drop for Spindrift’s blend of western-psych and cinematic music. The soundtrack by the band will be released via iTunes, the same day that the movie becomes available via “On Demand” networks. For more info and to see the official trailer (which features music by Spindrift) heard here:

Spindrift previously worked with Roberts on the music video for “Hellbound,” which serves as the official theme song of Dust Up and premiered on The song originally appeared on Spindrift’s 2011 full-length album Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1 (Xemu Records). That album featured theme songs that the band had made for various films and trailers (all of which were made into videos with different directors and premiered on

Speaking on the score for Dust Up, Spindrift guitar/vocalist Kirpatrick Thomas says “we were able to record live in the studio to the film playback which was proper style. It was extra special to have Director Ward Roberts in the studio with us to convey his ideas for each scene. As a composer, that really helped bring things to the forefront for each different theme in the film. Some of this footage will be seen on the DVD extras.” Another feature film that Spindrift has contributed music for, Treasure of the Black Jaguar (Directed by Mike Bruce), will also be announcing a theatrical date this week slated for early 2013.

In the mean-time, Spindrift has been at work recording a proper full-length album with the working title, Songs Born of the West, and have just finished mixing the album(next to Gene Autry’s old home!) with Riley Bray. The album is a passion-project including their take on many classic cowboy and western songs and will be released in spring 2013.

The band intends to debut the material in a fitting live setting during their forth-coming “Ghost Town Tour.” From October-November, Spindrift will do a headlining tour that will include traditional live show dates and also playing non-traditional sets in historic ghost towns…to ghosts! With a live film crew in tow, Spindrift will document their western live show in many of the last remaining vestiges of the old west. The documentary is intended to be included with Songs Born Of The West.

Speaking on the concept, Thomas says “Obviously the West is a topic of fascination to us. Ghost towns are mostly towns that sprang up on the outskirts of civilization to fill a demand in a product. Examples of these are natural resources like copper, silver or gold mining. When that need was sated the towns were just abandoned to the elements. It’s very eerie, but it’s a connection to a way of life and a spirit that draws back to this country’s origins. In this day and age, when many tours and events get bigger and bigger, we have decided to go the OTHER route – to play to the elements and elementals along the way.”

An example of one of the ghost towns significant to Thomas is Bodie, California. Thomas says “Bodie sprang up in the late 1880’s and was a mining town. There were so many miners in there that the town quickly became a thriving boomtown with over 65 saloons, opium dens and cat-houses. This was a place of life that went from bringing in 3 million dollars or revenue at its peak to being desolate by 1912.” When asked if he believed that supernatural forces exist in these towns, Kirpatrick said “Imagine the stories and the things that happened in a place like that. Robberies and gun fights were regular occurrences. Who knows what we will encounter and uncover there.”

Spindrift is performing at The Walnut Room on Sunday, November 4, with The Blue Rider and Thee Dang Dangs. Tickets to this event can be purchased HERE

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