Deluxe Practice Rooms available at SoundStructure

Studio #1: Currently Available it is 20×20 (400 sq. ft.) and the rent is $630

Studio #2: Currently Available, it is 19×19 (361 sq. ft.) and rent is $630

Studio #24: Currently Available, 17×17 (221 sq. ft.) and rent is $455

All studios have:

  • 24 hr and 7 day access
  • janitorial provided for restroom and common areas
  • superb security
  • easy load in (all studios on 1st floor)
  • ample parking
  • internet
  • downtown location

To Inquire about these rooms, or check them out, please contact Sammy:

3101 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

The Walnut Room is Denver’s premiere American-Pizzeria, serving up great food, affordable drinks, and today’s best live music. Be sure to visit us at both Walnut Room locations.

Walnut St.

3131 Walnut Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
(303) 295-1868 ph