Triple Cobra w/ The Sunset Curse – Sunday, August 29

“Low-budget glitter rock from San Francisco, replete with androgynous frontman, Glamazonian backing vocalists/dancers, bubbles, feathers, and riding crops. Of Montreal meets Hedwig in Scissor Sisters’ orgy room.”
– Spin Magazine


Remember when Rock n’ Roll kicked ass? Triple Cobra does. No longer do you need to apologize for gaudy solos, karate kicks and stage splits. Audacity is the name of the game, and bravado knows no shame. The sexiest band in San Francisco sends epic melodies soaring over sumptuous riffs, relinquishing the mediocrity of life to the majesty of rock. This triumph of sound is matched only by the grandeur of performance. Dancers adorned in furs, feathers and fishnets shake and grind under a heroic light show overflowing with intrigue and innuendo. This sensual mix of drama and power, lust and longing, scorn and wit all unite to create an event erupting with radiant glamour and raw spectacle. Lock your doors and hide your daughters.

Triple Cobra is ready to strike.


This Denver-based multi-instrumental trio infuse deep electronic roots strategically blended with tight, cutting drum work, melodic, spacious dual guitars, syncopated proggy synths, and raw emotional vocals.

Chris Nelson (vox, guitar, keys) Bradley Bakewell (bass, guitar, vox) and Cody York (drums, synth, programs) host a grab bag of instrumentation that coalesces to build ghostly, polyrhythmic perspectives on dance, rock, psychedelia and contemporary ambient excursions.

Standout track “Flavor,” commands the most attention, pulling from every possible corner of the band’s seemingly limitless creative well. A healthy dose of dance beats fused with punk-rock sensibilities spike the same vein such as artist’s like- At the Drive In, LCD Soundsystem, Muse and MGMT.

“The Sunset Curse mix the abstract and the quirky with a surreal mix of electronics and indie-rock in a sharp style and with a clever charm that makes Artificial Heart an engaging listen worth many repeated plays.”
– Delusions Of Adequacy

Triple Cobra is appearing live on Sunday, August 29 with The Sunset Curse.

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