Souls Of Mischief – Montezuma’s Revenge

by Luke Gibson with Hip Hop DX

For Souls of Mischief’s latest album they take it back to the days of the past. They rented a town home on San Francisco’s Montezuma Street with 20-year super-producer Prince Paul and recorded Montezuma’s Revenge in its entirety. It’s a welcomed break from the electronic collaborations that take place and the project benefits from the tight-knit chemistry and the organic approach that they took to make the album. The album isn’t flawless but Souls of Mischief delivered an album that rightfully stands beside their first two releases, dating back a decade-and-a-half.

Prince Paul is a star addition to this project. He has a keen ability for creating albums that sonically flow from start to finish, a trait that played a role in De La Soul’s legendary status. He may be far removed from hit records that garner spins, but he fosters a sonic narrative which each emcee is forced to match. Tracks like “Postal” show how talented and detailed of a producer he is while on “For Real Y’all” the emcees ride a dope bass line and a vibing sample. The song is blessed equally with dope verses and a catchy hook. It proves to be arguably the best song on the album.

The Souls of Mischief have a full grasp on the skill of sharing a verse. You can tell they’ve done it for close to 20 years, yet the passion for their craft still is reflected in each bar. On “Fourmation” the emcees go back and forth over a simple, but effective track. Meanwhile, on “Proper Aim” each emcee kicks a dope verse that lyrically complements the verse before. Tajai starts the track off strong with lyrics like, “I stress the maximum effort / I can’t relax ‘cause I’m reppin’ / so face the fact that I’m fresher / and take it back to the essence,” that highlight a dope cut. A-Plus, Tajai, Phesto, and Opio are consistent throughout, well aware of their individual boundaries, but not shy about pushing them. They are comfortable in their own skin and it’s quite evident on “Home Game” a track that makes you wish summer was right around the corner.

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