Awol One & Onry Ozzborne

Hitting the Road Together!

Awol One is a Los Angeles underground hip hop icon from the legendary Shape Shifters crew. With a voice “so deep and weary” that , LA Record says, “Journalists love comparing Awol One to Tom Waits, but that’s like comparing Robert Englund to Boris Karloff.”

Over his nearly 15 year career Awol One has built a strong grassroots fan base from touring extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe by himself and as a member of the legendary Shape Shifters crew. AWOL’s music has been featured on MTV Road Rules, The Source Sound Lab, and magazines such as URB, Source, Spin, XLR8R, Slap, Thrasher, Vice, Life Sucks Die, Mean Street, Big Time, Revolver, RapPages, L.A. Weekly, O.C Weekly and was winner of a 2002 LA Weekly Music Award. He has collaborated on tracks with very high profile hip hop artists such as KRS one, Kool Keith and Atmosphere just to name a few. Awol and Factor even rocked to packed crowds of indie rock fans when they toured with Montreal band Islands in 2008. Through the years Awol continues to gain respect from artists and fans of all genres and never fails to keep his art and music completely real and original.

DARK TIME SUNSHINE (latest group from Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul/Rhymesayers)

Seattle mainstay Onry Ozzborn has spent the last five years on Rhymesayer’s Entertainment putting out underground hip hop classics such as Grayskul’s Bloody Radio and touring and collaborating with everyone from Aesop Rock to Atmosphere. Now he has started a new group with producer Zavala called Dark Time Sunshine. Some say this sounds like a “Psychedelic Gangstarr” while others refer to the “slight bit of Company Flow twirling in the waters beneath them”. Whatever it is, it’s some of the most exciting new hip hop to hit ears in a long time. Their new album Vessel was just released in April to fan and critical praise on the label Fake Four.

Awol One & Dark Time Sunshine will be performing at the Walnut Room on May 26th

Awol One & Factor – Celebrate

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