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About six years ago I received two copies of Hogtied Like a Rodeo from the man himself, Jake Smith: vocalist extraordinaire and guitar man, and it instantly became my go-to mellow, “play-for-everyone-I-know,” acoustic album. As the title suggests, many, but not all, of the tracks off the now discontinued original are revisited on Hogtied Revisited with new recording and a slightly different approach, but there are a few newbies as well. Of the new tracks, “Damned,” an acoustic guitar and piano backed piece, is the most powerful and showcases Smith’s impressive baritone’s emotion and range (think: Greg Brown with a touch of Eddie Vedder, but the comparison really doesn’t do his voice justice). Of the “revisited” tracks, “Bar and the Beer,” remains a personal favorite imbibing song, while “Today’s Tomorrow,” “Story,” and “The Woods” encapsulate the exceptional vocals and pleasant country-americana instrumentation that has made The White Buffalo one of my favorite acts for the better part of a decade.

For a taste of his sound, check out this video for the song “Love Song 1” off of The White Buffalo Ep… if you like what you hear, you will love this album.

The White Buffalo will be Performing at The Walnut Room on February 4th, 2010 w/ Joe Firstman

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