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SXSW ‘09: SPIN’s Best and Worst
After a day of much-needed R&R, SPIN’s South by Southwest crew weighs in on this year’s good, bad, and gnarly.
By Spin Staff


Best Discovery: Triple Cobra. Low-budget glitter rock from San Francisco, replete with androgynous frontman, Glamazonian backing vocalists/dancers, bubbles, feathers, and riding crops. Of Montreal meets Hedwig in Scissor Sisters’ orgy room.

What Other People are saying about Triple Cobra

“Triple Cobra specialize in both style and substance. This was catchy, thumping sleaze rock that sounds like it comes more from LA than San Fran, and would make for perfect music while speeding down a highway. They are probably the only band I heard at NXNE this year that inspired me to check out their MySpace page afterwards to hear more tunes. Any band that puts that much effort into their showcase gets a thumbs-up in my book – even people outside during their smoke breaks were praising Triple Cobra. Now that’s what it takes to be memorable.” (Caitlin Hotchkiss)
– Chart Attack review of the band’s NXNE showcase, June 2008

“Rock like it’s supposed to be, sexy and dirty with 1980’s Sunset Strip sprinkles.”
San Francisco Chronicle, March 2009

“Powered by a flashy stage show and a plenitude of peacock strut, local outfit Triple Cobra delivers glam-rock redux with swaggering confidence and over-the-top theatrics. Main man Attiss Ngoval may crib heavily from cornerstone influences Bowie and Bolan, but the catchy riffs on songs like “Little Vice” and the title track from the band’s 2006 debut Live Fast & Die Beautiful temper Velvet Goldmine pomp with a ballsy heft that pushes the material into heavier territory.”
– San Francisco Weekly, October 2007

“Triple Cobra are a ragtag band of San Francisco glam addicts, and they’re packing more than enough slinky, oversexed licks and plastered troubadour posturing to make good on their Live Fast and Die Beautiful album title injunction. The rock will be accompanied by a panoply of dancers and stagecraft, and the feathers are sure to fly as the group struts through a set of elegantly fucked-up anthems. Sometimes a double just isn’t enough. (Ben Richardson)
– San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 2008

“Triple Cobra represent everything a guilty pleasure ought to: glam hair, drama-queen attitude, and gratuitous wailing guitar solos. Combined with their tight leather pants and feather-clad go-go dancers, their live set hovers somewhere between a Flaming Lips video and a Hedwig and the Angry Inch outtake.”
– Flavorpill

“Triple Cobra make no pretense of being subtle. The album cover (or its title, or just the band’s name) should give you a good idea of what you’re in for: sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. . . This band has been making a name in San Francisco from their lavish, over-the-top performances, featuring burlesque dancers, light shows, and a whole lotta confetti. Lines like “Your fingers itch like the strings of a new guitar” ( More ) and “Honesty is such a bitch / When you know how well you steal” ( Lazerbird ) bring you back to old, dirty, vice-ridden New York, before CBGB’s closed its doors and rock stars stopped blow-drying their hair.”
– Amie Street (artist spotlight), November 2007

Triple Cobra will be Performing at the Walnut Room on New Years Eve 2009 w/ Special Guests Savage Henry!!

Triple Cobra – “Live Fast & Die Beautiful”

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