The Walnut Room’s Playlists!

See What were pumping into our ear’s this week!! Another Installment of our Weekly Groove!! This is what were jammin on .. So Enjoy!! JohnnyK – Talent Buyer || Panama’s Most Wanted

1. Ninja Gun – “picture of a boy in his prime”

“I love their music! Southern Indie Rock and Moonshine!! Plus, they are on Denver’s Own Suburban Home Records!!

2. Space Cowboy Featuring The Paradiso Girls – “Falling Down”
Link to Video –
“Not to Techno, Not to Hip-Hop, Not to Pop … It’s all JUST RIGHT!!”

3. Vandaveer – “A Mighty Leviathan Of Old”
Link to Video –
“Drawing a lot of National Attention, Vandaveer is definitely popping up on a lot of Radars. Plus the Creepy Clown really makes me like this video!”

4. My Son the Bum – “Mind on a Hard Drive”
Link to Myspace –
“I really dig these guys, something about them seems so Dead Kennedy’s that I sometimes forget where I am!”

5. Biz Markie – “Just A Friend”
Link to Video –
“What Can I say … I love this song, Always have & Always Will. It will always be true, no matter how old the song is!!”

The Walnut Room Kitchen || To Legit to Quit

1. Röyksopp – “Happy Up Here’”
Pick by Jonathan

“From the Opening Track, this album is up-beat and has a delicious groove all the way through.”

2. Cut Copy – “Saturdays” Pick by Jonathan
Link to Video –
“Cut Copy Rules in every aspect of the word. Plus, tracks that can be confused for 1 continuous round of music is fun ….. sometimes.”

3. Ween – “Transdermal Celebration” Pick by Jared (The Smooth Pimp)
Link to Video –
“It makes me Inappropriate for extended periods of time.”

4. At the Drive-In – “Lopsided” Pick by Marcus J. Poo
Link to Video –
“If I was stranded on a deserted island, this is the one album I would take with me.”

5. Buena Vista Social Club – “Chan Chan” Pick by Marcus J. Poo
Link to Video –
“Because They are Bad Ass Mo-Fo’s .. that’s why!!”

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