The Walnut Room’s Playlists!

See What’s Got the Booty Shakin’ This Week!

Another Installment of Aweasomeness!! This is what were cranking and what’s cranking us .. So Enjoy!!

JohnnyK – Talent Buyer || 2016 Presidential Hopeful

1. One EskimO – “Kandi”

“I LOVE this song & how they sample the original!! HOLY SHIT! It’s got everything you need; mellow grooves, samples & great animation!”

2. David Rush – “Shooting Star” (featuring LMFAO, Kevin Rudolph & Pitbull)

Link to Video –
“The Original Version of this song SUCKS. LMFAO to the Rescue!! They took this track and turned it into a skull-cracker we can all enjoy!”

3. Operation Ivy – “Take Warning”
Link to Video –
“Does it get any more Punk Rock than Op Ivy? This song has paved the way for a plethora of bands over the past 20 years but little to nothing has been able to compare.”

4. Them Crooked Vultures – “Elephants”
Link to Video –
“Dave Grohl back on Drums, not to mention Josh Homme, John Paul Jones & Alain Johannes too … Did I mention DAVE GROHL BACK ON DRUMS!!!”

5. Waylon Jennings – “Mamas Don`t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys”
Link to Video –
“Waylon is the Man!! This song gets me every time I hear it! There is a lot of truth in this song and we can all use a little Bar Room Wisdom!”

The Walnut Room Kitchen || Purveyor’s of Pretension

1. Kymani Marley – “Warriors”

“A must own! Warriors is a Snow-Boarding Anthem & We Love listening to this track as were carving up the Rocky Mountains.”

2. Kenny Loggins – “Danger Zone”
Link to Video –
“How can you not Love the song that prompted the question: Messina who?”

3. Tickle Me Pink – “Typical”
Link to Video –
“A Safe Sex Anthem and the harsh truth’s about meaningless sex with meaningless people!”

4. Chingo Bling – “Walk Like Cleto”
Link to Video –
“We Love Tamale’s and all the brave souls that risk imprisonment everyday to make sure we have them!”

5. John Denver – “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”
Link to Video –
“Well … Thank God!!”

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