Blizzard Playlist!!

See What Were Rocking for the Snow-Days!!

Sharing Music and Learning about New Artists and re-visiting favorites is Our All-Time Favorite Thing to do, thus we love Sharing Our Weekly Playlist with Everbody!!

JohnnyK – Talent Buyer || Resident Genious {Self Proclaimed}

1. Chromeo – “Tenderoni”

“These guys crack me up & their music is Deliciously Danceable!”

2. Rise Against – “Saviour”
Link to Video –
“This song, to me, represents some of the raw internal battles I (and many others) deal with internally in our Lives. It’s amazing to see these feeling personified in Song. “She Said I don’t hate you but I just want to save you while there’s something left to save!”

3. HollyWood Holt – “Hollywood”
Link to Video –
“There is a LOT of New Dope Hip-Hop coming out of Chicago & Hollywood Holt is leading the Fresh New Charge!”

4. Bryan Adams – “Run To You”
Link to Video –
“Aside from Kicking Ass, I love Bryan Adams. My love is simply for the fact that RYAN ADAMS would completely flip his shit when people at his shows would scream out requests for “Summer of 69”. Ryan only wishes he wrote that song, maybe he’d still be making music?!

5. The White Stripes – “Jolene”
Link to Video –
“Dolly Parton is a Queen! I get Goose-Bumps when I hear Jack White Scratch & Scream this song into prominence for a New Generation of Fans!”

The Walnut Room Kitchen || Kings of Mayhem

1. Iron Maiden – “The Number of the Beast”

“Maiden Rules … Do you need any more of a reason … ?”

2. Sir Mix A Lot – “Baby Got Back”
Link to Video –
“We like em Big Round and Juicy … So we can relate!”

3. Young Jeezy – “Soul Survivor”
Link to Video –
“Young Jeezy and Akon .. Uhm, Hello! How can you go wrong?”

4. Immortal Technique – “Dance With The Devil”
Link to Video –
“Immortal Technique is on another level of Hip-Hop consciousness, the lyrics in this song are both tragic and sad & really speak to the human condition.”

5. Dethklok – “Bloodlines”
Link to Video –
“Metalocalypse is the best thing going … and Dethklok rules the World!”

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