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Hey all …

Once again here is a weekly installment of what we and our friends are listening to this week. These are the tunes that are making the day go round for us … Hope you enjoy!!

JohnnyK || Talent Buyer || Lover & Hater

1. Rammstein – “PUSSY” – (Censored Version)

It’s about time a band said, “Hey, were paying for this video production, we might as well bang some Porn-Stars”

Link to uncensored version!!

2. Jennifer Rush – “The Power of Love”
This song still gives me goose-bumps. It really reminds me of my Freshman year of High School which is a fond time for me!

3. Thriving Ivory – “Angels on the Moon”
This is a great song that has been propelling these guys into the National Spotlight!

4. Crash Kings – “Mountain Man”
These Guys are really starting to make some noise in CO!! Once I hear this song it sticks with me all Day, plus they shot the video in Vail!

5. The Chicharones – “Breaking Point”
I have always been a huge Josh Martinez fan & this track is just Mellow Gold!!

The Walnut Room Kitchen || Connoisseurs of Cool

1. R Kelley – “Bump N Grind”
Ain’t Nothin Wrong, With a Little Bump N Grind!!

2. New Edition – “Cool It Now”
This song will never get old & will never be un-dancable!!

3. Better Than Ezra – “Good”
Because when your sittin around the house, you should lock all your stuff up!!

4. Ace of Base – “The Sign”
Life is Demanding …. Without Understanding!!

5. Moody Blues – “Knights in White Satin”
Who doesn’t love a GREAT LOVE SONG!

Special Guest of The Week!
Prentice Salter
Independent Gambling & Casinos Professional & Walnut Room Family Member

1. Neil Young – “Heart of Gold”
C’mon … It’s Neil Young!!

2. Audioslave – “Like A Stone”
It’s just Good Hard Rock!!

3. Blue October – “Calling You”
I Called her every night!

4. Hinder – “Lips of an Angel”
Lived it!! I can relate …

5. Aventura – “Mi Corazoncite”
Love the DR and all it has to offer!

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