The Walnut Room’s Playlists!

Here’s what We and our Friends are Listening to This Week!!

We are very passionate about making sure you’ve got good tunes to crank, so here is a snapshot of what we and a few of our buddies are listening to this week!!

JohnnyK – Talent Buyer || Lover || Fighter || Genius

Civil Twilight – “Letters From the Sky”

“These guys really impress me. After Re-locating here from South Africa it seems they are prepared to conquer the US with their Fray / U2 comparisons they continually draw. I love this song and the way it just sweeps over you”

Hightide Blues – “Let it Roll”
“Whenever I hear this song I can’t help but start to bounce a little bit. They seem to harness Bryan Adams & the Black Crowes all in one breath. They are one of my all time favorites right now, I can listen to any song of theirs any time!”

Bullets and Octane – “Pirates”
“I was introduced to them a few years back when they opened for Social Distortion. They just re-released this track this week and I think it will go down as an all time Punk Rocker Classic!”

Sam Cooke – “Cupid”
“What Can I say, I got hooked on this song when I was a kid and it was featured in the film “Inner Space” (Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan & Martin Short). That Film Introduced me to Sam Cooke and I haven’t looked back since! He is the Man!”

Styles of Beyond – “Savin LA”
“There is a lot of Hip-Hop out there, but these guys really broke through from having a track on the Transformers Soundtrack. Not to mention Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) is their Producer, Quality is the name of this game!”

The Walnut Room Kitchen || Utilizing a “Bad Ass” Theme this week!

Mutemath – “Spotlight”
“They have an interesting blend of lyrics, coupled with BAD ASS rock”

Junior Boys – “Parallel Lines”
“Because their Second album is so much more BAD ASS than the first (which was cool, but a concept album)”

Laroux – “In for the Kill (Scream Re-mix)
“Simply, it’s a really BAD ASS Re-Mix”

Pat Benatar – “Love is a Battlefield”
“She is now and has always been, BAD ASS”

Q-Tip – “Vivrant Thing”
“Great, Classic & BAD ASS Hip-Hop”

National Jewish Health Immunology Department (that’s right!)

Motion City Soundtrack – “Broken Heart”
“Although we are Immunologists, even we can’t find the cure for a broken heart!”

Imogean Heap – “Hide & Seek”
“We like to zone out and get transcendental to this track, it also helps with the monotony of bleeding mice all day!”

The Format – “The First Single”
“This song for some reason has stuck around our play-list for a Very Long Time, it just makes you feel good!”

Ben Lee – “Float On” (Modest Mouse Cover)
“Something about the way Ben croons the auspicious vocals from this song made us fall in even more love with it than the original version. Plus Ben Lee Rocks!”

3OH!3 – “Rich Man”
“Sometimes you just gotta crunk out the lab, this is how we do it at National Jewish Health!”

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