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Labor Day Weekend and the Taste of Colorado

First of all .. I know it’s been a hot weekend, but seriously, let’s all take a good long look in the mirror before we decide to go out in public. If you have a signifcant other, perhaps look at them and utter these words “Honey, does this make me look fat? Am I showing too much pancakish type cleavage?” Listen, if your still trying to impress guys by squeezing into your size 3 pants from High School (or Jr. High) and nobody has told you your pushing a 12 or 13 … just give me a call and I’ll tell you personally!!! There’s children out there for Christ’s sake!!

I personally love going to the Taste of Colordo, and this year it had an even bigger meaning for me. Walnut Room alumni “Love and Theft” played the headlining stage today (Labor Day) and put on one hell of a show. I would just like to add, that the Walnut Room is where they played first .. and since I love them soo much I have attached a video of theirs below for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Love and Theft “Runaway”

It makes me so happy that I can say when things like this happen that we are dedicated to bringing you the best entertainment value for your buck. We are also making sure that you get the opportunity to see emerging acts on the cutting edge!! Enough of my soapbox rant…

The Taste O CO was busy as usual, I looked around and found myself thinking on many different occasions “Shit, if your here, then who’s at the Flea Market today?” BTW I looove the Mile High Flea Market!! My favorite attraction outside of the food of coure is the Karaoke stage. Don’t get me wrong, I may be a bit of a music snob, but I love seeing people dehumanized on stage! The brutal heat, coupled with the abundance of over priced beer made for what can only be described as a murderous multi car wreck in front of my eyes. Although, I must say the absolute best is when the aspiring singer has some moves to go along with their volcal stylings (or relative lack thereof). There’s nothing sweeter than that off balance hip and shoulder shake whilst you crackle out your very own version of Foghat’s “Fool for the City”. I find extra humor in the fact the the actual Foghat will be performing about 2 hours from your little tribute. I admire the fact that your mullet was at your very first Taste of Colorado probably about 20 years ago. Your shirt although is bitchin, an original Jimmy Buffet “Margaritaville” tour muscle T .. in yellow!! Bitchin!! God Damn, This is what Karaoke is all about.. this is the real entertainment!! So if you think Karaoke is gaudy, or just for Koreans … maybe were just not communicating.

At last year’s Taste of Colorado I almost won 2 Tickets to the Rocky Mountain Showdown from 850 KOA Radio. I had to throw three rolled up socks through targets about 10 – 12 feet away. I drilled the first two, and I’m pretty sure I saw the booth attendant starting to sweat. He was probably thinking “Shit, what if this guy hits it? We don’t even HAVE those fucking tickets!!” .. But good thing for that asshole, I got over-confident and missed the third throw. As soon as I missed, this guy re-assured me that it was only one time per customer. So, I did what any motivated sport fan would do … I made a mock throwing course in my bedroom, and started hurling my own dirty balled up socks at it. Each and every throw, the words of the 850 KOA booth worker riging in my head, driving my intensity up. I know every word to John Cafferty’s “Hearts on Fire” (yup, a Rocky III reference) by heart. It’s been 12 months of intense training on hurling dirty socks across the room. My Mother, upon one visit, was needless to say, less than pleased or amused. In classic motherly dissaproval to anything this idiotic, here is some dialogue from one of her visits; “Any excuse to not have to clean your room huh? Don’t you think it’s time to grow up? Jesus Christ, your feet stink!”

Oh Moms!!

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