Inside the Mind of Johnny K!!

Frank Black .. Night 1!!

So … Night 1 of Frank Black, was for lack of a better word, AMAZING … I really want to give BIG UPS to Nathaniel of “The Wheel” .. who just got signed to High Road Touring .. Thank you so much for performing last night and sharing your music with all of us …

So .. Right from the onset of the day, there were some Hardcore Pixies fans hanging around and bugging everyone … I mean EVERYONE!! … “Is Frank HERE?” … “Will I get to meet him?” … “Is he gonna do an autograph session?” … “can I rub his head?” … “I had his baby and I just want to say hello!” ….. PULL IT TOGETHER!!!

So, that is a bit odd, to have to tell your staff to not run of the crazies (as would be the normal practice” .. but Se La Vi’ …

So .. as you can imagine, the night started off very very busy. There were a lot of heads in the room as the show was SOLD OUT!! Very cool energy … So being the motivated, hard working go-getting individual that I am … I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get the show rolling and appease the masses who were ravenously craving some Frankmeister.

The most interesting point in the evening (for me) happened right after the show started …

I walked into the venue and went straight behind the bar, As I stood there, I noticed a very lovely lady that I knew. In the Biblical sense of knowing someone. That is actually a bad reference for this particular situation, because some of the things we have done, ensure a one way ticket to the ol’ H E double hockey sticks. But, we are now friends and we met eyes and locked in for just a brief moment in time. It was as if, she was telling me “Hello” & “You Look Good” all in a single glance, one frozen moment in time where all sound and movement was blurred from me as we shared this.

Suddenly ….

Another, very Lovely Lady sat down at the bar right fucking next to her. I also know this girl, even better than the first!!! As the Second girl sat down next to the first, I was just finishing my moment with the first girl as the second girl looks right at me and says “Hey Hot Stuff” … The First Girl looked at the second girl, in a disgusted tone. As she glanced, the second girl glanced back and they met eyes for a brief moment. True to Female magic, not a FUCKING WORD was said between the two .. just a look …Simultaneously …

They both look straight back at me with FIRE in their eyes, although they hadn’t spoken, and didn’t even know each others names .. They knew that they had something REALLY BIG in common ….

I just flashed a sparkling smile, popped in a Mentos and proceeded about my night, feeling quite accomplished!!!

Well see what Night 2 of Frank Black has in-store for Me … LOL …

– JohnnyK

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