Inside the Mind of JohnnyK

Life is funny …

So as we all know, life is funny and thus art must imitate. It’s been a weird week, at the beginning of the week I was talking to a friend on the phone .. I was elating to him that he should visit (from CA) and he could totally crash on my couch. “Well” he said “We’ll see what happens, I def want to visit, but I’m not sure when I could make that happen. “Just let me know” I exclaimed, putting it to the back of my mind.

Next Day

I receive a call from my friend “Hey man, Im coming out!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “No shit” I said, “When?” I heard my friend start to giggle, “In 2 days buddy!” My heart sinks, “for uh, how long?” He continues to giggle with excitement “A Week, oh it’s gonna be a blast, I can’t wait to see you. We are gonna be soooo fucked up!” I am not amused …

My friend arrived last night, I was at the Aaron Karo show at the Walnut Room (if you get a chance to check him out, he is a great comic!) he was already kinda loaded and slanty eyed … So of course, he is overly emotional and hugs all around … Thus begins the expirement& I am not amused …


I awoke this morning to my living room a fledgling mess, clothes everywhere, stink from open alcohol bottles and the remnants of a half torched J. My Air Conditioner has been blasting all night, and now I have to clean the filter .. whilst my friend snores away on the couch and scratches his nuts continually, or at least I was hoping he was scratching!!! I am not amused …

I took my friend into work with me, as you used to intern for me I figured it would be cool to put in a half day and reminisce about when we worked together, and he could even help me set the venue up for our show tonight. I had to do some manual labor and move some tables and chairs around, so I asked my friend if he would take my keys and start setting up the dressing room (which, for the record isn’t a difficult task).

As I finish my manual labor, I go to my friend and ask him for my keys, he looks at me with cashed out eyes and exclaims “Oh (he he) the keys are on the table in the dressing room” As I go to the door for the dressing room and push down on the lever to open the door, I am met with totaly resistance. “FUCK” the door is locked, I angrily mutter a strand of obscenities under my breath!! I go back to my friend and scream at him “The FUCKING DOOR IS LOCKED” .. he looks at me in dis-belief as if I am the one fucking with him. So he proceeds to go over to the door to make sure I am speaking the truth.

“You Really need to pay the fuck attention to what you are doing!!” I scream at him, no the rest of my day is totally fucked up …


So as I finish this, I will probably be heading to the hardware store for a shovel and bay of lye … anyone down for a road trip??

– JohnnyK

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