Inside the Mind of Johnny K!!

4th of July Aftermath!!

Ok …

So let’s get one thing straight … I LOVE fireworks!! I love them to the point of being a little bit ridiculous. Every time I would drive by a fireworks tent, I wanted to leap out of the car and sprint directly to it and start looking at what they have. Every tent I went to, I would pull the proprietor aside and ask “Dude, where do you keep the BIG shit??!! Don’t tell me you set up this big fucking tent for just snakes & sparklers!!!”

True to form, they did not disappoint!!!

I got a brick of Black Cats, about a million bottle rockets and 2 Roman Candles the size of 12 Gauge Shotguns!!! Oh yeah … SWEET!!!

So as a little Primer on the 3rd of July, just to make sure I didn’t buy a bunch of lemons, I decided the alley outside my apartment was prime, so I sprayed the alley with full strips of Black Cats, then duck taped beer bottles to the beams on my patio. I taped them going in all different directions into the night. I promptly loaded the bottle tubes with bottle rockets and started my air assault on Denver!!! Rockets where whistling and popping into the night as my neighbors were cheering me on (or perhaps screaming at me to please shut the fuck up, I can’t be sure). I slumbered that night as a child on Christmas Eve, a quite content smirk on my face and true happiness in my soul!!

I feel an amazing compliment to Fireworks is in fact a BBQ with the integration of adult beverages!! It’s funny how quite often we have times in our lives defined by what we eat or hear. Much like the summer of my 9th grade year is defined by the Eve 6 song “Inside Out” & Bold advancements in my sexual maturation (3rd Base was a biggie) … This 4th of July was defined by Newcastle and Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)”. Ha ha .. It may not seem it, but this my friends is a perfect recipe for a great 4th of July, will it work next year? Probably not, but that’s the whole thing about building a championship team, it works for the here and now!!

Imagine this … Me wearing Aviator sunglasses late at night with beer in my hands, Pitbull playing in the background (at a complete strangers BBQ I would like to add) and me providing minors with Fireworks, unbeknown to their legal guardians … hot mess!!

I can’t really comment too much more on the BBQ I attended with my Uncle’s .. other than it was in Henderson, near the Adams county fairgrounds. After the police left, there was a very lovely Fireworks display at the Fairgrounds, I would like to offer my kudos to the Adams county planners, the Adams county police however, I would like to offer something else … 🙂

On our drive back to my humble abode in downtown traffic was absolutely ridiculous, I mean it was nuts!! I believe there was a wreck, and there were flares all over the road. I learned something that night .. an average steel belted tire will not be adversely effected by running over a road flare …. pointless but interesting. I gotta get some flares!!!

well … I am almost out of fireworks now, I’ll probably launch the rest of the assault sometime soon … so watch out Cap Hill!!

How was your 4th of July?? let me know, comment below!!

Talk to you soon kiddo’s …

– JohnnyK

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