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Some Thoughts on Cheap Ass Wednesdays…

I just wanted to share some thoughts and perhaps get some feedback on Cheap Ass Wednesdays …

Now, the situation is this …. We have 2 Rooms of DJ’s, Beer Pong, .50 cent Pints of PBR & Coors, $2.00 Pitchers & $2.00 Wells … So as you can see, it literally lives up to it’s name …

It’s not considerably outside of a Gentleman’s budget to bring a date down, plus the DJ’s are Free … a humongous asset in a buyers market … Anyone will tell you!!

Of course, there are the obvious comparisons …

$.50 cent beer + hip-ster chick + Walnut Room = Cheap Ass Wednesday ….

Now, to brass tacks, DJ Klaw (Beta) is headlining this Wednesday, with special Guests Michael Payne and maybe Michael Trundle (Lipgloss) will be hangin around …

These nights are EPIC for lack of a better word and it is constantly growing, if your there before 11pm you can typically get in .. Im saying typically here, I have seen it absolutely PULSATING at 9:30 PM so, there you have it. However, anytime after 12 am the place is BANGIN!!!

A note .. to date, in 6 months, my beer pong partner and I are 17 – 0 in Beer Pong Challenges!!

Now I know that is a terribly Bro thing of me, however, I suck at beer pong and never played it before 6 months ago so it’s relatively an accomplishment of sorts …

F**K it I’m on a streak … and EVERYONE knows, “You Don’t Mess with a streak” – Crash Davis “Bull Durham”

I’ve had a number of different teammates, we have always found a way to win though. I read Phil Jackson’s book, but I don’t know if that has something to do with it or not. It couldn’t hurt!!

Thus, I challenge you and your team, find me and challenge me, and maybe you can end the streak …. Tweet me and we’ll set it up …

Tweet Me on Twitter Below …. I’ll talk to you soon ….

– Johnny K

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