Inside the Mind of Johnny K!!



I awoke this morning from my slumber in a quite precocious manner. As I stretched my arms and legs, still groggy with sleep in my eyes, the pungent aroma of waxy smoke struck my nostrils. “Curious” I thought to myself as I continued my awakening routine. As I emerged from my bedroom and opened my door, a wave of burnt smelling air struck my face and immediately a sudden panic came over me. I paced quickly down my hall and passed the bathroom, the smell getting ever stronger, I appeared in my living room and a loud high pitched shriek “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” spewed from my mouth. My living room table was ON FIRE!!! Apparently a candle had not been extinguished earlier in the night and had set my table ablaze!!!

I subsequently extinguished the fire and went about my morning routine!!

Seriously awkward way to get your day started!!

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