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Well well well,

It has been a few days since my last installment of amazing. So without further adieu ..

If you weren’t at the Triple Cobra / Synthetic Elements / With Arms Raised show last night (6/9/09) … You absolutely should kick yourself in the face, then go to your friends house and let that friend rock you in the dome with a brick. mmmmmk … wise up … never again miss the Tour De Force known as Triple Cobra …

Dancers, costumes, make-up, strobes, confetti shot out of cannons and whaling guitar solo’s circa 1988 ….. & that was just the first F***ing song!!!! – Long Live Rock – These guys are amazing and it shows!!

Monday Night with the Infamous Stringdusters …

What an evening with one of the greatest acoustic / alt / bluegrass bands on the circuit today … Fresh off a Steamboat Springs Sellout the Dusters mastered 2 sets of fresh, delicious tunes to a ravenous Walnut Room Crowd. ON A MONDAY NIGHT!!! OMG!!!

I personally just returned last weekend from a backpacking trip to the mountains outside of Bailey, CO … although the landscape is beautiful, the weather didn’t seem to eager to want to co-operate with us … but none-the-less … we made it happen!!! Probably the most random thing from my trip was a group ac-Capella rendition of the Outfields .. Your Love … “I just wanna use your love to niiiiiii iiiite … Cuz I don’t wanna lose your love to-niiiiiii-ei-teeeee” Just saying, when it’s stuck in your mind, there is no-getting it out …. unless you use a bullet!! J/K …. 🙂

Big things happening here … Just announced

Love & Theft – A Special Club performance by the fastest rising band in America .. With 3 Radio Singles coming off of their forthcoming Release “World Wide Open” the future is very bright for 3 young and talented men out of Nashville. Having spent the past year touring with Taylor Swift and receiving attention from Rascal Flatts management things are moving swiftly for these guys. Their label is owned by Disney and they will be back in Denver in September, headlining a little event called “The Taste of Colorado”!!!

Black Francis – AKA FRANK BLACK!!! (that’s right .. of the pixies!!) Need we say more …. Walnut Room, July 29th!!! need I say more … I don’t think so ….

Greg Laswell – After writing and performing the Season Finale track for Grey’s Anatomy … Life is a rocket-ship ride for Greg right now .. poised to explode all over North America, he is bringing his amazing styling and performance back to the Walnut Room for a “Can’t Miss Evening” with the up and coming “Elizabeth & the Catapault”

Thats whats on my mind for the time being … shows, shows & shows …. That’s how we roll!!!

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