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Hello Again …

First of all I just want to give a big shout out to Faces of Radio for Rocking the Walnut Room on Saturday Night. If you haven’t listened to them yet, they are an emerging Denver Band who just put the spit shine on a new rocking album. Good Job Fellas …

There are some big things happening for Walnut Room Alumni Acts .. Currently I am preparing myself to go and see Everest (Played TWR in Summer of 08, and will be back Late Spring 09). They are opening for Neil Young on his current tour, and will be rocking Magness Arena tonight at DU!! That is certainly pretty major …

Matt Morris (another TWR Alumni) has his full band in rehearsals right now for a June 20th date here at the Nut, but before Matt does that, he will be spending some time out on the road with the Indigo Girls …

I am very Pleased to announce that our Good Friend Ryan Bingham will be returning to the Walnut Room stage!! Ryan is touring to support his new album “Roadhouse Sun” and is fresh off of an Austin City Limits & Coachella appearance … The new album is his follow up to his critically acclaimed hit album “Mescalito” with the ever popular singles “Southside of Heaven” & “Bread and Water” … We couldn’t be more excited … makes me feel like drinkin!!!

The top 2 bands that have been coming up in my play-lists here recently are Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head & Triple Cobra which I would like to add are both playing here at the Walnut Room in the coming months … Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head is actually Headlining PBR Wednesday on May 27th THATS RIGHT!! NPSH & $.50 Cent PBR’s ALL NIGHT!! It doesn’t get any sweeter ….

I don’t have much to report on the flip side … I’ve been pretty busy trying to get these shows booked and handled. Gratefully, I was able to keep myself out of any trouble this weekend … and throughout all of last weeks 4/20 festivities … Although I did get caught walking behind some Rasta’s on the 16th street mall screaming “Le-galize It!!* .. So there is always that … Stay Tuned .. More Awesomeness forthcoming …

That’s how I’m living … gotta story or comment or just wanna send general hate mail my way … DO IT!!! Send a message to …

Have a good week Denver … Talk to you next Tuesday!!
– Johnny K

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