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The Talbott Brothers, Coles Whalen

The Talbott Brothers

Coles Whalen

Taylor Carson, Julie Nolen

Wed, October 25, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Denver, CO

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

The Talbott Brothers
The Talbott Brothers
The Talbott Brothers is a Portland based duo composed of Nick and Tyler Talbott. They form an alternative sound that balances sibling-blood-harmonies with their instrumental ensemble of guitars, mandolin, harmonicas and percussion. Their entertaining effect on stage is embraced by multiple generations, as they are known for charming and energetic performances that blend singer-songwriter styles with folk, rock, pop and blues.
Coles Whalen
Coles Whalen
The next big thing, mark my words –Kelly Ford, KYGO 98.5 FM - Denver’s New Country

Ten years ago, after finishing a degree in music and business, Coles Whalen decided to sell everything she had in order to buy a camper. This camper became her home as she toured the nation selling her first record Coles Whalen EP (2005) soon followed by Gee Baby (2006) - her first full length album. Whalen found a way into Borders bookstores and spent almost four years playing multiple shows a day in Borders across the US, building a following and selling over 11,000 CDs right out of her truck.

In 2007 Whalen signed with an independent label and released Nothing Is Too Much (2007). After a year, she found herself in a corner. The label owned the masters, couldn't afford to print more copies, and had her legally bound for two additional records. Having no other option Whalen regrouped, bought herself out of contract, and began again.

Whalen moved from her hometown of Denver, CO to Nashville, TN to work on her songwriting. She continued to tour out of music city, playing around 100 shows a year and wrote and released her 4th CD, The Whistle Stop Road Record (2009), which includes co writes with some of Nashville’s best, among them Rob Crosby and Keith Stegall.

Accomplishing all she set out to do in music city, Whalen headed back to Denver, where she currently lives. She continues to play hundreds of shows a year including opening for Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Rufus Wainwright, Paula Cole and Kellie Pickler. During breaks in the show schedule she managed to record and release her 5th record, I Wrote This for You (2012), which has been heard on La Galere (Paper Airplane) and seen on CMC (Call on Me, music video).

With plans to release another record in summer 2013, Whalen is slowing down the show schedule a little and writing like crazy! She can’t stay still for TOO long though, so keep an eye on for tour dates!
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson
"Go Amaze" is Taylor Carson's 6th studio album in 10 years. From humble beginnings in the bars of DC and New York, he has shared stages coast to coast with pop stars like Eric Hutchinson, folk legends like John Hiatt and even President Bill Clinton. His music has been featured in the award-winning documentary, Dog Days, and by The Red Cross. Defending The Name (2010), won an Independent Music Award and broke the Top 100 on iTunes. With Innocence (2013), peaked at #6 on iTunes and features collaborations with Mark Roberge (O.A.R.), Andy Poliakoff (Virginia Coalition) and Stephen Kellogg. So there's the resume, but who is Taylor Carson?

We can know him through his music: The Taylor Carson on Open Invitation (2005) is a semi-cheeseball lovesick singer, on Tangled In Truth (2007) he is the energetic youth seizing the day, on Standing Alone (2008) he is a contemplative finger-picking crooner, on Defending The Name (2010) he is wrestling with his demons and in With Innocence (2013) he has emerged as a peaceful, hopeful man. 2016's Go Amaze, peaked at #8 on iTunes, and features a Taylor Carson driven by an optimistic pursuit of joy and tempered by hard-won wisdom.

"Your dreams can't come true if you don't choose to follow them" (Shine). The lyrics offer glimpses into the "quarter-life crisis" stage -- returning to the roots of family, yearning for opportunity and recognition and choosing how to approach the inevitable challenges of life: "Spending all this time wasting time / Press play, fast-forward, then complain about no rewind" (Wonder). Go Amaze comes to life under the sonic vision of producer Mark Williams along with veteran bandmates Patrick Thornton (bass) and Jamie Watkins (drums) and the music feels like the message:

"We can't let life pass us by or let our minds get ahead of us
So go amaze, share your grace, give 'em hell, show them what you're made of" (Shine)
Julie Nolen
Julie Nolen
At eight years old, Julie Nolen knew she wanted to live in Austin, Texas and she has emmersed herself in this musical city every since.

Nolen, who is known for her energetic and exciting performances, has been playing in Austin for over ten years, focusing not only with solo shows but also with her band. She regularly plays rooms such as the Saxon Pub, Lambert's and One2One Bar. Nolen has captured her energetic sound onto disc, releasing her first solo demo album, "Raise Hell" in February 2015.

"The power of their music pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. What originally drew me to go see them was Julie's wonderful voice. She sings with a ton of heart and soul, which could win anybody over."
- Mara Havis, Listen2MySmile

Having her soul rooted in West Texas, Nolen knows how to write a good story. Writing songs of loves won and lost, betrayals and triumphs, (sometimes with a sense of humor) comes second nature to her, much like the memorable melodies that help support those stories.

"Sneaky pick to steal your hearts. Nolen finger-picks indie-folk that you can dance, cuddle, or mellow out to." - Liz Williams, The Austin Chronicle

Nolen formerly lead the band Telling Stories through several shows throughout Texas and two full-length albums, "Greyhound" and "Dirty Little Secrets".
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The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location
3131 Walnut St.
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