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The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet

Body Language, Kid Static, Oscillator Bug

Fri, October 12, 2012

8:00 pm

The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Denver, CO

12.50 advance; 15 day of show

This event is 21 and over

The Hood Internet
The Hood Internet
ABX (pronounced like three consecutive letters) and STV SLV (pronounced "steve sleeve") are collectively known as The Hood Internet. For the past five years, the duo have been chewing up the indie, pop, rap and R&B landscapes and spitting out pure fire. Like laptop-armed alchemists, they draw from their expansive interest in the many faces of modern music and re-imagine songs for mass public consumption through

Nearly 500 mixes and literally millions of free downloads later, The Hood Internet continue to ricochet across North America like an Arkanoid ball, bringing their arsenal of reassembled tracks to crowded dancefloors. And the dance parties have definitely been ignited in every city they roll through, not to mention holding it down at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, SXSW, CMJ, Pitchfork's #Offline, Mad Decent Block Party, and Camp Bisco.

Having connected with so many musicians over the past few years, ABX and STV SLV are putting the finishing touches on an album of completely new material–but in the spirit of Hood Internet's fantasy-sports-league stylistic collabos, the album is bringing together many different musicians from as many different walks of sound, to create a modern collaboration made possible by the speed of the Real Internet.

In the meantime, there are always new mixes and mixtures on the way from The Hood, with original works and remixes filling the spaces in-between. A compilation of remixes and original production work dropped in December via NYC clothing label Mishka. And so much more music on the way! All eyes on the Hood.
Body Language
Body Language
Busy saving the city from the brick wall arm crossing and the casual head nods, Brooklyn's own Body Language has risen from the DIY venue basements armed with the kinetic dynamite you would expect from the name. Their original music was born from weekly dance party remixes crafted by Grant Wheeler and Matt Young, and graced by the soul stylings of Ms. Angelica Bess. Their efforts, which illustrated their arrival into Brooklyn, were delivered in a five track EP called “Speaks".

Since the EP release, Body Language has been touring with Zero 7, Sia and burning holes in New York City dance floors appearing with the likes of Passion Pit, Little Boots, La Roux, School of Seven Bells, Theophilus London and Jimmy Edgar. This beat-driven crusade continued with an highly anticipated appearance at SXSW 2010. Listeners should also expect some wonderful contributions from the trio with the hit, “Work this City”, appearing on Ghostly International's Nocturnal Suite, a free four-part 'Influences' DJ Set, as well as a “Speaks” Remix Compilation, featuring the likes of Toro y Moi, Yes Giantess and Shuttle.

Originally coaxed to Brooklyn by fellow party-throwers, CassetteNYC and Percussionlab, Body Language quickly found a welcome soapbox from which they could yell loud and clear. Armed with synths, vocoder, glockenspiel, percussion, and three graceful voices, Body Language found themselves in demand at local events and parties. That demand extended beyond their own entity as a band, and they appeared as a live back up to Theophilus London dressed as 'the Lovers'. Body Language also served as production collaborators with Passion Pit for the inception of their debut LP, Manners. Body Language cut their teeth in the remix department, appearing on Passion Pit's “Chunk of Change” EP with a shimmering rendition of Sleepyhead (Landau Wake Up Mix) and Machinedrum's “Late Night Operation” EP featuring Theophilus London. Seeking to up the ante on their performances, the trio joined forces with Mickey Factz/T. London backing drummer, Ian Chang, during the turn of last year. The resulting quartet made what seemed already a locomotive electronic outfit into a sonic freight train of a crossover indie act.
Kid Static
Kid Static
Kid Static started writing beats so long ago, now his heartbeats sound like electronic drum hits. And when he decided to start putting the raps he did for his friends on record, something altogether wonderful was created.

A Chicago native, Static got his start in music production. Writing instrumental compositions and songs made up most of his free time as a young man. He used a lot of organs and piano which gave his music a signature sound and the frenetic percussion that often accompanied the tracks was a precursor to his love of all things electronic. “I’m a dork at heart,” says Static. “If computers didn’t have something to do with the equation, this music wouldn’t be me.”

That music began with the upright piano in his childhood home. “It was a rare day that you didn’t hear Motown or West African music coming from the living room stereo,” Static muses. When the first band he was in decided that their instrumental hip hop would be better with vocals, it was the keyboardist who jumped at the chance. “Rapping in your bedroom to classic instrumentals just isn’t the same.” he says. “There is just something about being on stage.”

Very quickly Static discovered that he was as at home on a microphone as he was behind the keys. The same year he saved up everything he could and put out his first album.

Static’s self-released first solo was a demonstration of raw talent that showed Chicago this budding artist was serious. Representative of years of writing, it was truly different than anything released on the Chicago underground. People took notice of this kid who seemingly came out of nowhere. He was featured in almost every local publication, and lauded as the next up in XLR8R and on Pitchfork. That was truly the beginning of something beautiful.

Listen to the music and you hear not only a clever wordsmith with a jagged sense of humor, but a musician with a keen gift for composition. You hear an experimentalist who isn’t afraid to take every influence from life and make it sing out loud inside swelling atmospheric symphonies of sound. There is hurt there. There is pain. There is happiness and a balance is found among all of them. We can see ourselves in the expression of them because we have all been there.

After 2 years of heavy touring, Static moved out to Los Angeles to follow his dreams and further develop his musical play book. Now, just a year into his West Coast excursion he honing his unheard material by playing it all over the country and now he wants to bring it to you on this brand new record.

As an independent musician, the road to musical success is a harder one. So far Static has garnered national attention, played the stages of multiple giant festivals and shown he is supremely capable, but the stakes are getting higher. “Through working with people who see my passion for music and through sheer hustle, I know I can make this thing work.”

We know you can too.

“Erring on the truly funny side of mean... Static proves himself a worthy contemporary of down-to-earth, grown-man shit-talkers like Murs and Rhymefest...Static has potential to be just the kind of self-aware cynic a frequently over-reverential art form like hip-hop always needs.“
- Pitchfork (

“What is up with Chi-town running things? I don't care what anybody says; Chicago is on top of the rap game right now. Maybe that's part of the reason why Kid Static is so great - it's genetics.”
-URB (

“Yea Big proves to have a firm grasp on that old boom-bap, as heard on the punchy ‘Speak the Facts.’ And to Kid Static’s credit, he sounds equally inspired by the offbeat productions, like the glitchy “The Life Here.” Thanks to these two, Chicago just got a whole lot more to boast about.”
-XLR8R (

"...that’s in part why his solo material and his Yea Big + Kid Static project has caught the attention of a wide range of listeners: people appreciate that he creates his oft-energetic tracks without worrying about appeasing a specific audience."
-Chinashop Mag (
Oscillator Bug
Oscillator Bug
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