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Chris Milam, Hillary Susz

Chris Milam

Hillary Susz

The Love Sprockets

Wed, November 15, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Denver, CO

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Chris Milam
Chris Milam
Chris Milam had a bad year.

Following a broken engagement, Chris Milam lost everything but what he could fit in his car. Then, while on tour, that car—and everything in it—was stolen. During that tumultuous year, Milam went to the studio with a dozen new songs that grapple with loss and define his sound. He emerges after months of recording with an eagerly-anticipated slate of new material, a collection of songs called Kids These Days (out April 7, 2017).

Milam’s gift for melody and lyricism revisits earlier comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel (Bookends). But this album also evokes richly-orchestrated works by R.E.M. (Automatic for the People) and Chris Bell (I Am the Cosmos). Reflecting the songs themselves, Milam’s voice has matured: plaintive vibratos shift in a flash to a shout, growl, or croon.

From its first moment, the title track typifies an album full of inflection points, exploring the ways in which Kids These Days aren’t kids any more. The LP tells a story of heartache and recovery while each song examines a different answer to an underlying question: “what now”?

“I’ve read about my generation growing up for a long time. But we’re here—we’re in our twenties and thirties. And I know a lot of folks who, despite hard work and good intentions, aren’t where they thought they’d be. Maybe they’re even starting over. I hope that, by telling my story, other people see theirs in it.”

Kids These Days examines loss while seizing the opportunity for change. This isn’t a break-up record; it’s a break from record.
Hillary Susz
Hillary Susz
Hillary Susz is an independent songwriter and guitarist based in Boulder, CO. Her distinctive, operatic vocals and angular, effects-laden guitar work feature prominently in her songs, which often eschew conventional structure along the complex twists and turns of their narrative course.

A formal student of both poetry and creative writing, Hillary’s lyrics are the defining element of her music, painting striking and memorable imagery within songs that balance blunt commentary on lived experience with an honest, funny, and occasionally sardonic take on both lesbian love and ordinary life.
The Love Sprockets
The Love Sprockets
The Love Sprockets play Bluegrass, Soul, Gospel, Blues, and Rock music with Folk instruments and intricate vocal melodies. No matter what realm of auditory exploration we find ourselves in, the focus of our writing and performing is to bring the listener on a journey, tell them a story, and explore with them some of the many aspects of what it is to be human.
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