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What A Weekend Denver!!!


Well, what a crazy weekend it was for us around here … A big shout out to everyone who I was lucky enough to catch up with this weekend and show some love!!

Friday –

another typically manic Friday, the day was spent anxiously awaiting the 5’oclock hour and Eric Sanders W/ Melissa Ivey … Their performance was riveting, so polished and utterly delicious on the ear, very nice way to start up the evening … the formula for debauchery the rest of the evening looked something like this:

DJ Paparazzi + Lipgloss + $2 Kamikaze’s + Dancing = HOT MESS!!

*Saturday (early AM) – *

BEEP … BEEP … BEEP … UGH!!! Forgot to shut off my alarm before I fell face first into my bed early this morning …… I HATE ALARM CLOCKS!!!

Saturday (early PM) –
Nice walk around Washington Park with the Girlie & the Dog … very nice … See Below
“Got a nice little Saturday planned, going to the Home Depot,

maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond … I don’t know if we’ll have time!!”
– Frank The Tank

Saturday PM –

Actually, I laid pretty low and watched the season finale of SNL with Will Ferrell Hosting and Musical Guest Green Day!!! If you get a chance to see the Celebrity Jeopardy skit with Tom Hanks, I highly recommend it … Probably the funniest thing to come from SNL in the last 2 years!!

Sunday PM –

Ryan Bingham – wow … Now apparently Ryan Played on Friday night in Colorado Springs to a packed house of ….. 20 people ….. whah whah!!! So, upon such a poor result the guys were a little bit weary rolling into Denver on Sunday ….. As soon as they showed up, they very quietly asked how the show was selling and what we could expect that evening. This is when it is really fun to be me ….. I looked the guys right in the eyes, smiled and said “OH! Fellas, we’re Sold Out Tonight!! I can’t describe in words what that information did to them …..

Long Story Short …. It was a rowdy, hootin hollerin time and the fans got more than their money’s worth as Ryan played an extra HOUR in his encore!!! The guy is a top notch performer ….

As for me …..

I may have overdone it a little bit ….. One of the last thoughts I can remember was as my Intern (Emily) was having her Boyfriend carry me up to my apartment was “What an awesome night!!” ….. What a shitty next morning though!!

– Johnny K

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