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Hey Hey Hey!!!

Well another week has passed since our last installment of awesomeness. A lot has happened … When I say a lot … I DO mean it …

Where to start? It is going to be another Super Busy weekend down here at the Nut .. We have Eric Sanders & Melissa Ivey playing on Friday … The Cara Cantarella Band on Sat (almost Sold Out) & The one and only Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses on Sunday (Almost Sold Out as well, get your tix fast!!)

We had a super busy weekend last Saturday with Gene Ween (of the infamous WEEN) here at the Nut … Although the Show sold out in record time (about 2 hours after it went live) we were able to release about 35 tix the day of for the die-hards. Man, was it a scene down here. It’s so funny to see people partying in the parking lot of the Walnut Room, just like it’s Red Rocks … there were people walking around with their fingers in the air, waiting for a “Miracle”!! Veggie Burrito’s were being sold, and friends were just hanging out in front of the venue!! What a fun time!!

Man .. My ethics sure did take a beating that night .. I was offered 4 Tix on the Club Level for Game 5 (Nuggets vs. Mavericks) for 2 Tix to Gene Ween. I wish so badly that I could have pulled the trigger on this deal, but alas … Sold Out Means just that …

Although it would have been nice to see Denver close out the Mav’s …. I really despise Mark Cuban, I think he is a joke. I’m not a millionaire like him (self made at that) but, If I were … I would probably refrain from talking jazz to someone’s mom. Dem’s fighting words ….. I don’t care who you are!!!

After the show this Friday down here at the Nut, I will be making my way over to Lip-Gloss to catch DJ Paparazzi …. I scoped him this year down in Austin at South By Southwest … he KILLED it … Great DJ outta Los Angeles and he will be ripping the place to shreds this Friday (5/15/09) If you get a chance or your looking for the party on Friday .. That’s where it will be … for sure!!

A couple of big announcements as far as the Walnut Room is concerned … We just confirmed a date with Scarub (Living Legends, Afro Classics) as well as Greg Laswell (who’s song will be featured on the Season Finale of Grey’s Anatomy … Look what it did for the Fray!)

Don’t forget about Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head on Wednesday May 27th!! $.50 cent beers all night (PBR & Coors) starting @ 9PM

Just wanna give a shout out to all my peeps who tune in every week to see what’s going on in my little world … I will be going out to see a movie this weekend .. Most likely X-Men, but I REALLY want to see that movie “Drag Me to Hell” … Gotta love the Scary Movies … I will have some updates for you next week … Until then …


got a comment or suggestion or want to tell me off … Please Do It … is where I can be found …

– Johnny K

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